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  1. Yeah it's the instrument cluster I mean. Thanks guys, I'll have a look around.
  2. Would I be able to transfer the knobs from my current one? That would be an amazing help! I live in Geelong, whereabouts are you?
  3. I've got a 2003 Camry Altise and I 'cleaned' the clear plastic cover of the instrument panel with methylated spirits without thinking, and of course it's now gone cloudy. Doh! Google is being quite unhelpful, but is there any cleaning agent designed to fix things like this? I understand that this has technically melted the plastic, but I had a feeling there were some sorts of cleaners able to fix these sorts of things if you're careful with them. Alternatively, what would be the process for replacing this? Could I get just one of the covers or do you need to replace the entire instrument unit?
  4. Haha well I've got both sides missing, about as much as you, but my new unit is only single DIN so it's also missing the whole bottom half. I'm guessing if I'm gonna fill them in then I guess I'll have to get something cut out of some plastic. My Dad might be able to help me, he's good with that stuff haha. EDIT: Took a picture this morning. Pretty nasty!
  5. Yeah funnily enough I just did that now, and yes it does work. Just looks horrible because obviously now there's a big hole there hah. I'm not really skilled enough to make anything that can fill in the gaps, is there any standard kind of cover that could screw in to the other part of the bracket to fill it out?
  6. Hoping someone can help me! I've just purchased a new head unit for my car, a 2003 Camry Altise. I've got the connector adapters and got it all soldered up, so that's all fine. The issue I'm having is actually mounting it inside the car! Obviously I need a custom fascia to mount it in, as the car doesn't use a standard DIN unit. My local auto-audio shop sold me this one: http://www.metraonli...om/part/99-8203 Camry 2002-2006, which I'd assume includes mine! Not true, as I've found out. I've mounted the new unit inside this custom fascia as per the instructions, but it simply doesn't fit in the car. The holes for the bolts aren't in the same place, and it doesn't fit properly in the dash panel, so there's no way I'm mounting it in there. I've attached 2 images, one of the stock unit that I've removed and one of the new unit mounted in this custom fascia, hopefully they indicate the difference. Note that the stock unit is basically completely flat whereas the custom fascia rounds out towards the top. Surely I'm not just doing something silly? Is there a different fascia I should be looking at instead? Stock unit New unit
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums Dean French :)

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