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  1. 5th gen, it's my hero car from when it was being rallyed.. would to find and old 1975 fast back one day tho.
  2. Mate, my heart skipped a beat when tofuboi alerted me to the news. it's a good thing you you feel crap - proof you're alive. was a real fan of your car, i remember us kicking back in front of HQ here in melb and you explaining all your little tweaks and how your car came to be, sad day indeed. in the end your car came off a production line... you on the other hand didn't! should this have been my celica i wouldn't know what to do with my self but i would resolve that if i were alive i would simply say my good byes to my beloved and look to the future. how it happend, what could have been done
  3. :( i can't go broken foot, unless some wants to come to the westside and i'll be your navigator :)
  4. Would be keen.. just depends on my car condition
  5. tempted to come along, just dunno if my car would handle the trip :( urgent need of a rebuild :S ... tho the cooler air would help (oil leaks onto my block cause minor smoking every now and then.. plus steering pump is dying ;'( )
  6. Welcome to the club mayte, which area you from, your profile aint telling us much :)
  7. Zoran

    ST185 Brakes

    DBA do have some... personally i got a new set of standard discs engineered, they work just the same
  8. MATE! whether its for a ST184/185 or even a custom made set it aint gonna happen... i've been down this track - even looked in Japan.. theres nothing at all... havent a clue why not. :( there are people online that have made DIY sets.. but even with the skills they look average. Bad news i know but hopefully this advice saves you time hunting for nothing - i've done most of the searches... would love a set of "Altezza" tail lights, its a real shame.
  9. Speed cable?? Mine is electronic? hmm.. so maybe its a bad connection then.. i haven't looked into it enough to know how its rigged up... the needle intermittently gives the right speed.. then just drops to 0... perhaps if i simply reseat the harness it will come good.
  10. i should have a spare CB handheld free, will make it known when we all meet up other wise D1ickSmith stock real basic units at a decent price.
  11. bah why not have one list like last years with a suffix on the end eg: (VIC), (NSW) etc
  12. man i have a speed cable that needs to be replaced, tightened.. not looking forward to that.. so i'm just using my GPS in speedomode... just dont have the time to muck around with the dash
  13. I've blanked out that weekend so i'm secure to come along.. if the celica cracks the sads i'll switch to the g/f's 2000 carolla :D unless i can bum a lift. mick.wheelz i've added you to the roll also :D 1. BKS 2. Guni 3. Jaderd 4. Kolourhero 5. thegourou20 6. Mopp (as if I would miss it) 7. lateralus (about 93% sure) 8. Jaems 9. TOYTRD 10. akuma (pm for taxi service from airport) 11. Ravvvie:) 12. osodvs 13. m_luke - it's been too long... (Nice choice for the cruise route) 14. bowler 15. webers 16. Paul TE27 17. Never 18. Soyboy 19. Trolla93 20. pimp-tivo 21.1stKill 22. Tash 23. Zoran 24. mic

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