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  1. cheers guys. i think ill try about 38 psi next time and see how that goes. i realise i need to see what works for me on the day and the track im at as i stated above i just wanted to see if the pressures i ran last time were close too what i should run, turns out they were a bit high. is 32 psi good for street driving?
  2. ok thanks mate, appreciate the help. ill give that a go for my next track day. i had a feeling the pressures last time may have been a little high. only thing i was thinking even though they are street tyres higher pressure would make the side wall stiffer to prevent tyre flex?
  3. cool good starting point. should i run the same front and back? also is it best to up the pressure when they tyre is at operating temperature or cold? cheers for helping.
  4. no they arent unfortunately. they are just 'normal' street tyres but high performance so iv been told
  5. hey guys, im going on another track day in a couple of weeks and im wanting your opinion on what tyre pressures to run, i know there are lots of variables that i need to consider on the day but just a rough figure would be a good start. the car is a zre and the suspension is stock except for a rear swaybar and a front strut brace. last time i was on the factory tyres (which are crap imo) and ran i think 42 psi front and 40 psi rear. im now running some good falken tyres and added camber bolts. what would you recommend trying this time? was i close with the pressures i ran last time or way off? any help will be greatly apprciated cheers
  6. cool thanks for that. its not really loud but I can notice it slightly, probabaly just the gearbox doing its thing. let us know how the 1000 km inspection goes.
  7. yea thats true because 90% of the corolla's sold would be autos. Id say it is rough because of the elctronic throttle becuase I also find if im trying to maintain a slow speed that requires minimal throttle input like going through a school zone its really jerky and rough because its constantly on and off the small amount of throttle applied. its very annoying but im slowly getting used to it. sorry to change the subject but im just curious. I am wondering do you notice a small wining sort of sound when your maintaining a certain speed? its not very loud but I have heard this and it does it all the time, i dont hear it when i accelerate just maintaining a constant speed. I was going to ask toyota but they would probabaly ignore it so im curious if yours or anyone elses does this?
  8. no worries, yea it should be fixable but im not too sure how they could do it. im pretty sure its to do with the electronic throttle maybe? not sure but its bloody annoying, iv read a few reviews and they all say the same thing, even the brand new shape manual version does it.
  9. the 1000 km check up is very basic. mine only took about 30 min to an hour and they dont even put it up on the hoist. my door hinges dont have any grease either but i dont think they are meant to i havent seen any new car with this. i dont like what the engine does when you change gear either, i have the manual also and i can almost never get a smooth gear change and the engine either holds the revs for way too long or it drops right down to idle the instant you put the clutch in. but they are pretty basic so nothing to worry about.
  10. Thanks for your reply but I do realise that, the height I mentioned above was only a guide if someone could edit the pic and lower it, I didnt want them to lower it so the chassis rails were scraping the road haha but turns out apparently its too difficult. Iv used coilovers before I know they are the best for lowering and for handling but I cant afford coilovers and wont be able to for quit a while so thats the reason for choosing springs. I realise its not going to tuck the wheels but a small gap is fine just sick of it rolling and looking like a 4x4 lol
  11. it actually looks really good in your profile pic. how did you lower yours, spring or coilovers? im wanting coilovers but i cant afford them and wont for quit some time so im just going with springs. im not sure which to get though iv got 3 options - eibach, lovells or pedders
  12. thanks man it gives me a rough idea of what it would look like dont do what? paint the wheels or lower it and why not? these wheels would only become track wheels anyway in the future when i get new ones
  13. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had photoshop if they could show me a picture of what my car would look like lowered and the stock wheels painted orange. I dont want it dumped but low so the top of the wheels are level with the top of the wheel arch. If this picture isnt good enough i can get another one. Thanks in advance. :)
  14. Yea you can feel free to tell us anything you want about yourselves, would be interesting to know about careers and anything else? Maybe how you became to have a interest in cars? Thanks for all the replies too, nice spread of all different age groups too keep on posting people :) Ok so my career/job currently is and you probably havent heard of too many people doing this... I feed the Koalas at Dreamworld, we grow the eucalyptus, cut a load each day then go back and feed em, not a bad job has its pros and cons like any other. Would love to be a car detailer or something along those lines one day. I cant even remember how I became to love cars, Iv just had a strong interest in them ever since I was a small boy, neither my dad or my uncles had anything to do with cars so Im not sure. But Im pretty sure if you cut me open Id prob run like a car inside haha thats all my brain ever thinks about :)
  15. PHOTOS ASAP ;) nice list of mods there