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  1. Hello Derek,on your steering wheel there is a distance from car in front button.Try using it on number 3 setting then when approaching slow car it won't slow so suddenly.A good read of the manual and trying things out will probably surprise you .
  2. Hello All,one of the main issues with my ascent sport petrol is the space saver tyre.Do 650 ks a week highway driving.Picked up a Tec screw.Tick tick it's going so stop and it's a slow leak.Head home and get it repaired.Ring Dealer for price on new full size rim and throw away that stupid spare.$850 for rim plus whatever tyre I put on.So now it will be a can of tyre sealant and compressor in the boot.Its the only thing I didn't know about when buying the car.The base model has full size spare the rest don't.
  3. Yes they only sense the corners of the front of the car.I have had the same promlem,usually have to get out and have a look.Annoying but all in all a very nice car.I won't add any more sensors as too much radar gear in there for me.
  4. RexyB


    Yes I got the 2.5 litre.Great economy,easily get between 7 to 7.5 litre per hundred ks on highway trips.Do about 750ks,fuel light comes on about 8th of a tank so I fill up.Have had V6 before, thirsty around town.Toyota underestimate d Hybrid demand big time
  5. RexyB


    Hi All,two weeks ago I tried to order a Camry hybrid.Boy was I in for a surprise.Cant get any as there is a problem with surplying batteries in Japan.Minimum waiting time of 3 months with no garantees they will be ready then.So bought a petrol one.Best kept secrect that one.
  6. Hi All, back again after about a 6 year absence.Driving a new Camry now and loving it.
  7. Hi All my first question.I have a 2010 hilux 4x2 single cab 2.7 petrol.Have started doing a lot of gravel road driving and have noticed the lower paintwork chipping.Is it possible to fit side steps to my ute the same as the 4x4 ones have.That is just bolt on!Cheers.
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums RexyB :)

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