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  1. Thanks everyone. Is this what I should be buying?
  2. I originally purchased one of these but it didn't fit
  3. Hello Everyone, I installed an aftermarket radio in my car and I am yet to fill in the gaps beside it. Does anybody know a suitable fascia I can install because the radio is much more square than the original. (pictured below) Thanks
  4. iPhone's are dodgy when it comes to stuff like that.
  5. Nah, thought it might look good on the front. Judging by that picture that i posted above it looks pretty good. Bit of peace of mind as well, as I previously pranged my Mum's 2000 RAV4 and that didn't have anything to protect it on the front and caused quite alot of damage. - Will post more pictures as I do more to my car!
  6. I'm planning to take my Corolla from Adelaide to Melbourne at the end of the year for a two week holiday, then driving home again. Looking forward to it, especially with cruise control.
  7. Welcome to the club, what do you think of the Rukus? They look interesting - was thinking of getting one of them before I found my Corolla. :)
  8. That's an awesome Corolla, wish mine looked like that!
  9. Hi Everyone. I have a 2004 Corolla Hatchback and I need to find a place around South Australia or Victoria that will install a nudge bar. The car below in the photo is the same model and color etc of what Corolla I have with a nudge bar installed. I want it to look pretty much like that. If anyone has any knowledge of places that would do this it would be greatly appreciated! :)
  10. Representing South Australia! Here's my 04 Corolla - standard but slowly modifying it to look better!
  11. Hi everyone just wanted to say a hello to everybody and say that i'm new to the forum! I drive a 2004 Corolla Ascent (new grill) and it's great. Love Toyotas. Thanks! Matt Below is my car! :)
  12. Welcome to the Toyota forums corollaRMW :)

    1. corollaRMW


      Thanks Steve, I look forward to talking with everybody and posting the exciting adventure of upgrading my Corolla :)