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  1. Grand Motors are looking to replace any sticky dash that is in the 10 year old period. book it in, it gets replaced free of charge, and the new one looks great. this is happening on many Toyota models, not just Camry and Aurion!!! It also affects Lexus models!!! go see your dealer asap!!!
  2. I agree with the above. i had a similar issue with my 40 series. i used a combination of vacuum and air line. so basically remove it the put the vacuum over the bulb hole and suck out what you can, don't seal it off completely allow some air to get in other wise you won't get anywhere. do the same with the air blower. Or if you have done the rear fog light mod, put the vacuum over one hole and make sure it's as sealed as possible, and use the blower in the other. as for not letting them back in, just make sure it's sealed up completely when it goes back in
  3. Wow, sounds like you're in a pickle. what model is this vehicle? i would drop the fuel tank out. This gives you access to the tank and the filler neck/hose. make sure there is as little fuel as possible in it though, you don't want a 80kg+ fuel tank squishing you or splashing furl everywhere. I'm sorry I don't know the exact procedure, but it would be along the lines of disconnect anything attached to it, you may need to pull the rear seat out, then drop it out.
  4. Yeah, I must say if that happened to me I'd just sell it or burn it. i can't deal with spiders, the give me the heebeegeebies so bad, I scream and run.
  5. What is the hold up for the Japanese style plates? i actually think they should offer AFL and soccer plates. is there a a way we can fast trac this? Or sign a petition or something?
  6. How'd you go? what do they look like?
  7. That's correct, slide it to the passenger side of the vehicle then toward the front and pull it up. The wiring is short and the plug is a little fiddlie but you can take it out and put it back in, in under 5 minutes. im interested to see how you went and what the issue and fix was as I too have a the Atara SL
  8. Asumming yours is the 50 series, I'd just check the settings through the head unit first. should be settings, vehicle, door lock, then check the options that you want. if they are all set correctly for the lights to flash then I would check the vehicle is actually locking. the vehicle won't lock if there is a door ajar, or if it thinks the door is ajar. Which bring me to a question. does it beep twice to unlock, once to lock and continuiosly when the door is ajar/open? another option could be that a setting was changed while it was at the dealership while plugged into
  9. Your local Toyota should have this disc. you can try the wreckers but I do t know if you would find one there or how good it would be, so I would try your local/preferred Dealer. ring up the parts department and see if the sell one.
  10. How big is it? i don't think it will eat anything as such, there is not much in the hvac system it can damage. There is just ducts, vents, flaps, a filter, a heater core, an evaporater. so really the only components it could damage is the heater core and evaporater if it tried to stick its legs through it or lay eggs, the flaps it won't damage as such but may obstruct them, and the filterbit may block or tear but unlikely. did you get it out?
  11. Hello everybody, I'm a 92 baby (so currently 25) from the Gold Coast Queensland. I used to have a GSV40R Prodigy which I spent a bit of money on, and you will find my mods and adventures in the Aurion section. Unfortunately though my baby was rear ended by a young lass in a Kia Cerato making it a write off. So my love for Lexus/Toyota lead me towards an RX 450h but it was about $10k more then I really wanted to spend, the GS 450h was the same story. Then I thought about another Aurion, but this time the GSV50R Presara. I did really like the Presara, but I noticed the ACV50R Atara SL
  12. The Aurion has these on all models, perhaps the wiring harness from the Aurion?
  13. As a detailer I use two different products for two different scenarios. dirty window: you need: windex, prepsol, two white rags (like a hospital bed sheet. A good quality lint free paper towel will do wonders also) Step 1:Wet cloth A with prepsol then wipe window to get rid of the grime. Step 2: spray the window with glass cleaner/windex then wipe dry. depending on how dirty your window is you may need to repeat step one a couple times before completing step two decent or regularly cleaned windows: you need: windex, two white rags (like a hos
  14. The alarm will be triggered if any of the doors, boot or bonnet are opened or the battery is disconnected then reconnected after the the vehicle has been locked for approximately 30 seconds. so going on that, is check your door switches as one may be faulty. you can do this by unlocking the car, open and close a door and wait for the light to go out. now with out opening the doors, push and wiggle the doors one at a time and see if the light comes on. also do this with the boot, you will have to get in the boot for this, make sure the seats are folded down and the ke
  15. Hi guys, I too have the current shape Atara SL and I love the JBL system. I'm no sound engineer but my system sounds fantastic. Mine is the end of 2015 so I assume as you said they have been run in. there is possible adjust through the audio screen. push Audio, select your source eg BTA, push sound in the bottom right corner.

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