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  1. 0074 :) check out opti coat is amazing stuff :)
  2. hey guys just wanted to share the new car upgraded from a sportivo corolla (still miss the lift and 8k reline) 44k on the clock still under new car extended warranty pretty happy overall first 2 pics are at elite finish getting a stage 2 buff and opti coat which is amazing stuff
  3. thx for the reply's guys yeah my mechanic is a Power FC fan i told him about the plug and play AEm from MWR he dosnt like aem lol but it seems like it would be so much easier
  4. pm sent and thx just throwing this out there any other ecu's that will just fit straight in and work lol? Adaptronic?
  5. awesome thx for the help guys looking forward to getting mine done :)
  6. Hey guys i know a few of you have installed and tuned the Power FC just wondering if i can get some help with what i need to buy to get one to work on my sportivo im in the process of spending some coin at monkey wrench racing and id prefer to get a power FC over the AEM So any help or someones name i could talk to would be awesome thx Dave
  7. Steve

    Welcome to the Toyota forums sof :)