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  1. Hi all, Kluger 2010 - Planning to flush the cooling system with Toyota SLLC premix 3 times. I know, a waste of coolant, but it's not too bad. While I'm there, I will replace the thermostat as well. I was planning to remove the thermostat, put the hose back on, flush the system three times. This way I wouldn't have to wait for the engine to warm up and the thermostat to open in order to circulate the coolant. Then at the end, install the new thermostat. I would like your opinion on flushing the cooling system with removed thermostat, please? Thanks Milo
  2. Thanks for your responses, guys. Here is something to confuse me even more: My 2010 Kluger AWD asks for Super Long Life Coolant (SLLC). At the moment in the car I have factory filled PINK SLLC. Toyota specifies using NON: Silicate, Amine, Nitrite, Borate coolant. Penrite website recommends using COOLRED005 which is NON: Amine, Nitrite, Borate, Phosphate coolant. I queried Penrite technical support with my issue to which they recommended BLUE, which is: NON: Silicate, Amine, Nitrite, Borate, Phosphate coolant. Nulon website recommends using ONE for which it doesn't even list what "NON" it is: Nulon website ALSO recommends using GREEN for which is NON: Nitrite, Phosphate, Amine coolant. As well as low Phosphate. Nulon techincal support recommends using RLL which is NON: Silicate, Amine, Nitrite, Phosphate coolant. What a mess! I have no idea what to put in my car now! What would/do you use? Thanks Milo
  3. Hey Adrian, You are reading my mind. I'll order Lisle from Amazon: Hopefully, it's easy to use.
  4. Many thanks for the response, Ashley! Yep, I was thinking about Nulon as well. I hope it's as good as Toyota's SLLC. Thanks Milo
  5. Hi all, Planning to replace coolant in my 2010 Kluger KX-S AWD. From what I read, it is impossible to get all the coolant out of the system by opening the radiator drain plug and both engine drain plugs. Even if I go to the extreme of disconnecting front and rear heater core hoses, it still won't get out more than 3/4 of coolant. Now, the issue is that Toyota only sells premixed Super Long Life Coolant (pink) for Kluger. I can simply top up with SLLC, but I will still have 1/4 of old coolant in the system. Or, I can flush the system with distilled water by refilling / draining the system 3 or 4 times until I get clear water out. In that case, if I fill it with SLLC, I will never be able to achieve 50% coolant mixture, of course. What should I do? Do I just live with 1/4 of old coolant or do I go for some other coolant manufacturer which offers concentrated coolants and then I can flush and make my own 50% mixture? Unless somebody can suggest a method by which I can remove close to all coolant from the system, so I can simply refill with SLLC. Thanks Milo
  6. Hi all, Does anybody know if there are any written / video instructions on how to replace coolant in 2010 Toyota Kluger, please? It's very easy to drain the radiator, but I would like to ensure that the engine is drained of all coolant as well. Thanks Milo
  7. The knock is still there, so I'm going to Toyota this week. Wish me luck! Is this problem still wide-spread or have people just given up on reporting it? Milo
  8. Hi all, I went in with a precise scalpel and chopped the rubber off. I hope I haven't made things worse in the long run. I'm not even sure why that little rubber lining exists. Maybe as a mini stone deflector to protect the roof edge? I've seen many modern cars without that rubber, so it should be OK. Thanks Milo
  9. Hi People, Tyres on my 2010 Kluger are due for replacement (245/55/19). I bought the car a few years ago with Bridgestone Dueler D400 on it. The tyres have done about 50K. D400's are very quiet and comfortable, as you all know. Is there any other tyre that you guys would recommend these days? I would even like to go a size or so wider if possible. Thanks Milo
  10. Hi all, On my 2010 Kluger the rubber between the windshield and the roof is tearing off. Should I tear it off all the way and put some silicone in the channel instead? Thanks Milo
  11. Hi all, Would somebody know where I could find a maintenence schedule for 2010 Kluger, please? I would like to know what was done in services prior to 70000km. Every time you go for a service, the mechanics rip of the part that lists all items done, so I have no way of knowing what was done and when. Thanks Milo
  12. Hi all, Rang Peter Warren. They said to bring it in for a free test drive and they could probably get Toyota to pay for half the repair cost. Rang Sydney City Toyota. They want $140 to assess the problem, but my chances of getting the repairs covered by Toyota are unknown. Took the car to my mechanic first, but the clunk did not appear, as expected, as the clunk doesn't happen too frequently. They lifted the car, inspected everything underneath, but no problems were evident. Since taking the car to my mechanic, the car barely ever makes the clunk now! The steering mechanism must have "stretched" while being lifted on the hoist at the mechanic's. We'll see how it goes.
  13. Hi all, I'm pretty sure that my 2010 Kluger KXS AWD has the same problem. Knocking noise coming from the front part of the car. Must be the intermediate steering shaft. Is there a definitive, permanent fix for this problem? As the car is out of warranty, would Toyota fix the problem free of charge or would I have to pay for this known issue? Thanks Milo
  14. Hi all, What do you think about this one............... My 2010 Kluger KXS AWD has lately developed this noise which is hard to describe, but it's most likley to be a creak. It comes from the front left hand side area while driving. It can happen on a straight road, in a bend, under acceleration or not under acceleration. I had a look under the car, nothing seems to be lose or out of place. Any ideas, please? Thanks Milo
  15. Hi People, Had my Kluger at Toyota for a week. They fixed the diff whine. They had to change the diff pinion, diff gear and couple of bearings. We'll see how it goes. Sounds good now. They also replaced the loose bonnet hinge. Thanks to everybody for your kind responses to this topic which helped me a lot! Milo