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  1. These are my current wheels but will be selling later this year. They are Enkei Rpf1s gold rims 17x9 +45 Will be upgrading to Enkei RS05RR 18x9.5 +43
  2. Wildseven

    My Aero 86

    Mods so far: Tomei UEL headers KLS overpipe HKS Spec L Catback Custom Canned Tune Weds Sport Sa90 17x7.5 with Center Caps 235/40/17 Kumho KU31 Interior white LED lights, boot and rear number plate lights. Customs plasti dipped interior panels in red Upcoming mods: Valenti smoked tail lights TEIN super street advance coil overs from 999 Auto Garage or HKS hiper max from GT Auto Garage. Front Tower TRD Carbon fibre strut brace. TRD sway bars HKS intake duct to replace factory pea sized snorkel intake.
  3. Those GT Auto cars! I got my exhaust and intake done by them. Very happy :) HKS spec L catback HKS premium intake suction kit.
  4. Yer. The tornado grey and black kinda makes it not so obvious. All you see is the rear wing and all other aero parts not so obvious. The aero kit really makes it EVEn better >;). Wild 7
  5. I am keen on a trade for my Advanti rims anyone likes my rims ;D for a little bit extra cash hehe? The reason I am trading in my Aurion in August and I dont want the dealers to have these rims cus they are too good for them and their ****ty deal with me on my 86. They are 17' Medusa II matte black with a bit of machined silver. They come with Bridgestone Potenza RE002 245/35/17. Message me if anyone is interested ;). Oh I am situated in Brisbane. You can check my wheels on the Aurion photo gallery. Wild 7
  6. Sameul, we are getting the MY15 models with reverse camera, aero fin antenna and new interior refurbishing. Cant wait. I order the new pearl white as it is a little different from the previous one called Pegasus white. yer I love the aero kit. I dont know why so many people hate the rear wing. I love it !!!! Cant wait til it arrives in August :D Wild 7
  7. My dealer offered $15000 for my 2011 Aurion Sportivo ... -___- trade in for when my GTS 86 with aero comes in. I only had my car for 2 years...
  8. 2 things which will cost you a lot of $$$. Women and Wheels. :( Wild 7
  9. Understandable. Gratz on your new pick up. Always loved them TRD Aurions. I did want one so bad until my missus sad no :( She said I aint getting another of the same model... I told her its an TRD, and her reply was an Aurio is and Aurio. SHE still doesnt call my Aurion, Aurio. Women know nothing about Cars (sorry Tard, you'll hate me). I bet you if I told her to stop buying her damn designer bags she will go crazy on me. To hell with it, she has like 8 of the m and she wants more. Hell NO! Wild 7
  10. hehe I ordered a GTS. Consider the 86. I took it for a test drive and loved it. Damn awesome and fun and great to drive. Ordered it on the same day even though its gonna take 4 months :) Wild 7
  11. Thanks! Btw if you want more help or info in relation to the 86 there's a GT86 Aussie forum. Heaps of discussion there. Website is www.gt86.com.au or google gt86 forums. It's all about the BRZ and Toyota 86. Hope you will find this site and the one I gave you useful. Have a nice day! Wild 7
  12. Btw welcome to the club David and Vickie :)
  13. D: ahhh stud pattern. I keep thinking offset =/
  14. Kanmuri its all good mate. I just found out the tyre off set on the rims i have atm do not match the offset the 86 has. I guess I'll have to leave it on when I trade the Aurion in :(( A win again for the damn greedy dealers >=/ Wild7
  15. Lol I want factory rims but not factory TRDs lol. Trading it in with my Aurion and I ain't gonna let em greedy salesman get more $$$ of me haha. Thanks for linking the wheels but none of them fits my budget lol. If your keen to lay off your stock Camry wheels maybe we can discuss a deal? :P I don't mind if they are Camry wheels as long they for in on my Sportivo haha. Wildseven