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  1. how do i buy shocks, springs or coilovers? Like, is there a spec, number, or do i have to look for shocks that are designed for my corolla? If i want to lower it (by maybe 3 cm), what springs should i be looking at? Thanks mate, you have been very helpful, and I have just got myself some new wheels, and tires. Cheers! Darren
  2. Nice now I have the whole picture sorted out now. I found a set of 4 16x8 at really good condition, don't know about the tires condition but. Looks cool and price is alright. Should I pull the trigger? Thanks http://www.gumtree.com.au/c-ViewAd?AdId=1017360868
  3. awesome, they'll be on my shopping list. i figured it'll probably more cost effective to just get a silvia or a skyline, or something if i want speed. but i got an other question, does the rim size makes any difference in handling? or it's just a matter of looks? I think im running 14", so it looks a bit tiny in my car. I bought it for real cheap 2nd hand, i think the dealer had throw in smaller wheels. cheers!
  4. thanks very very much, any suggestions on brands with the parts u have mentioned? anything about transmission? but mine's an auto, is there any thing for it? looks like when the time has come to do the turbo, i'll do intake exhaust and headers them all. Cheers
  5. Hey guys, I got my first car (zze 122r, ascent corolla 5dr hatch) less than a yr ago and I am looking into planning on upgrading it. The thing is I only know cars enough to have a conversation, but dont know anything about modifying. Over the past yr driving it, I generally like this car very much, it's really practical, but I feel my stock corolla can do better on power and handling. since Im still on my P's, I'll have to stay away from turbo for now. but can anyone please give me a guide line of what I should look into to start off with? I am thinking I'll go with spend money under the bonnet first as I prefer the idea of having a stealth performance car, ha Since I am looking into some good upgrade, I dont mind spending some extra cash on better parts. Dont like the idea of cheaping out on my car. so go ahead and recommend some mid priced or good price/ performance ratio parts. Cheers everyone!
  6. Hey guys, newbie here. Just got a 02 corolla ZZE122R as my first car. I am loving the handling, fuel consumption and the versatility of this car, but I feel like it can do better maybe a few mods to give it a bit more power, more punch! but obviously I'm a newbie, Im learning from things. any reasonable price or easy mod/service I can do to get more out of this car? also, anyone here has strut bars in their corollas? if so, does it make it less "understeered"? Cheers!
  7. loving the roof, kinda reminds me of sera. very cool!
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums darren051234 :)