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  1. James.As mentioned earlier mine has done this from new.The dealers are not interested and I have tried all the tricks I know with limited success.If it was the tailgate I would not be looking at it, but its RIGHT IN YOUR FACE ALL THE TIME...I must admit I have eliminated a fair bit by adjusting the fixed catch rod on the bonnet with a big hammer and twisting the alignment rubber stops out a little .It still flexes across the rear edge though.
  2. Doo Dah

    LPG ur Kluger

    Have now done 48ks(app 25ks on gas).JTG system has been troublesome,hard start hot or cold(replaced injectors).Poor economy(wiring loom crossed over to wrong firing order).Still hard starting at times(more injectors)Between whining diff gears, liquid gas system ,flapping bonnet and poor dealer attitude Im going back to my 100 series with 260000ks and no problems.
  3. I have the same final drive noise,came in at approximately 17ks and was told at next service it was normal and not to worry.I have now done 48ks and left it with Gary MacMillan Toyota for assessment.The reply was.There was a periodic whine hardly noticeable.To repair,they would dismantle and inspect then order parts,which could take up to five weeks.This sounds more like a big effort to put me off than anything else. I think I will discuss this with Toyota directly as it sounds like a fairy tale that should start with,''Once upon a time''.
  4. Doo Dah

    LPG ur Kluger

    converted my 2011 grande to icom jtg liquid.The fuel usage went from ulp 11.3 av. to gas 14.54 av. L/100K (over 10,000k).This looks to be a long time before the system pays for itself at current fuel pricing considering the $5300 kit/fit price and only $1000 rebate.
  5. Had the injectors replaced and the starting became even worse.Returned car to the fitter with instruction to fix or remove.This could become really interesting!The week I allowed them is up today,so I will report again later.
  6. At highway speeds and head winds or passing large transport vehicles I get excessive amount of flex in the bonnet,both movement at the hinges,catch and panel flex.Does anyone else have this problem.
  7. Good to hear Cookie.There are still no replacement injectors available so nothing has been done about my few problems as yet.Will let you know how we go.
  8. Converted mine to JTG liquid system at 24000ks, good power,more than 20% extra fuel use.Spare wheel out for 68 usable litre tank.Done about 5500ks at an average 14.22l/100.Problem with leaking injector causing difficult cold start[long cranking time].Occasional stall on change from petrol to gas to be rectified.Spare tyre is now a can of slime puncture repair.The injectors are supposed to bed in over the first few thousand Ks but it seems unlikely to me.The fitter says he will replace them but there are none in the country at present,which makes me a bit nervous.Teething problems aside I,m hap
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums Doo Dah :)

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