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  1. Whoops! that's important! hehe, info added in original post.
  2. Hi All, I've got a set of front and rear 2003 Toyota Corolla Sportivo OEM springs. Used for about 30,000km before being removed for lowered springs. Open to $offer or swap for computer parts! Location for pickup: Stanhope Gardens, Sydney, NSW, 2768 PM or sms me on 0410 365 790. Thanks! Chris
  3. Red corolla sportivo on Power St, Doonside. I was in the black honda civic. :D
  4. Hi All, Installing an aftermarket headunit into a 2003 Corolla Sportivo, but the stock headunit doesn't have a wiring diagram or legend indicating what wires do what. I've downloaded the service manual available, but all the documents only show mechanical/chassis information, no audio wiring diagram. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx Chris
  5. POSTING ON BEHALF OF MY GF. ================================== I'm looking for two cars to be apart of a short film for the biggest short film comp in the world - TROPFEST! What i'm looking for: 1x Make/Model: JDM Year: Any Colour: Dark (Black/Gun Metal Grey/Dark Blue etc) Pref: Turbo, Extremely done up with bonnet scoop Available 3 days of the week in December 1x Make/Model: Holden Year: pre 95 Colour: White or Light colours (light greys/faded colours) Pref: Low-Mod done up (only exhaust is good), fading paint, rusty Available 3 days of the week in December. ** Cars will not be driven without your consent ** This will be a voluntary involvement. If you want more detail email nuh.productions@yahoo.com.au Pls pass this on to anyone you think would be interested. Thanks guys! PS. ALL CARS MUST BE LOCATED IN SYDNEY. NO SELLERS PLEASE.
  6. Spotted Xoom on old windsor rd on the way home. hehe...like my filing cabinet? haha
  7. Hi All, I've spoken to the supplier and the group buy has been extended till Friday, 05 Oct 07. Due to the long weekend and people being away, most people are paying me during the week. I've installed this kit into the following cars: 1) Civic EK4 (H4) 2) Civic EM1 (H4) 3) S15 (H1) 4) S15 (H1) 5) Audi A4 (H7) i've had many other buyers, but i didn't do the install. All looking good!
  8. This is a H1 8,000k kit. Here's a pic of the kit unopened: Kit open with bulbs and ballasts: Kit open and laid out with bulbs, ballasts and mounting base + screws:
  9. I've spoken to the supplier about extending the group buy. The supplier is willing to extend till next Friday. I hope this helps anyone else who wants to get a set...
  10. I've installed them into my EK civic and my gf's 03 sportivo. You just wind the headlights down a few degrees. i always do a few drive past test to check if it is blinding and adjust accordingly.
  11. Unfortunately, i won't be able to as i'm getting these prices because of the group buy. But, i'll see if i can work something out with the supplier to get a kit for you in the future at a good price. I've told the supplier that i'll be buying 1-2 kits from him a month, so hopefully he'll give me a good set price.
  12. Brand: OSBOM. A generic brand made in China. I bought 4 kits already to try on different cars. Working perfectly, colour temp is good, ignition is good. All looking very good. I bought 4 initially to trail the quality of the kits. If it were dodgy, i wouldn't be recommending it to others as it isn't worth the headache <_< Yeah, i guess i could post interstate. I didn't really intend to as it's just easy for me to pick the kits up and distribute to Sydney members. But i guess i can do it.
  13. Hi All, I've been contacting different HID suppliers online and have finally found one that is located in Sydney and has stock on hand and also provides warranty! I'm currently doing a group buy for my car club, but am more than happy to extend this group to my fellow Toyota Owners! I bought a H7 kit and installed it into my gf's 03 Corolla Sportivo. Straight fit! Simple! Less than 30 mins to install. They look really really good! I can get H1, H3, H7, 9006, etc for $150. H4's (Hi/Low Beam) $180. I know it's late notice, but payment needs to be by this Friday, as i'm picking up a few kits already paid for this Saturday. If you need more time, just PM me and we can sort something out. Hopefully i'll still get it for cheap. 18 Months Warranty on the Ballasts and 12 Months Warranty on the Bulbs. B) I'm not a trader, but i do like to share good group buys. So, i think i posted in the correct section. if you're interested, please don't hestiate to PM me. Chris
  14. Hi All, It's been a while since i've been on. Quick run down, sold my sportivo and bought an S15. Pretty over the S15 now and wanna go back to the corollas. Recently went past a toyota dealership and saw the new corollas. VERY NICE!!!!!!!! high on my list is the top of the range Corolla Levin ZR (which i also had before my sportivo..i know...i know..just blowing my money) called castle hill toyota to ask if they were getting the new shape in the sportivo variation....as much as they know....the answer was no. i definately love the new Levin ZR. push button start, blue tooth, beautiful gauges. nice dash, interesting centre console. HID's. auto wipers, etc. very very nice. about time the corolla was up to spec with the other cars. oh and Cruise control! just wanted to know what peoples thoughts were (or if you've got one already) btw..any1 wanna buy a track prepped S15? XOOM!!!!! I MAY BE RETURNING!!!! HEHEHE...MMMMWWAAAHAHAHAHAH! 'bring it! hehehe
  15. i don't have my sportivo anymore, but, can i still come?