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    Kluger Rear Seats

    Hi All Model: 2008 Kluger AWD Grande This might sound a bit out of the ordinary but I think there may be something wrong with my left single rear seat (seat behind the passenger seat). I let someone use my car on the weekend and when I sit in this seat now it doesn't feel right. The seat is locked in properly and at it's proper dimension (not leaned back or forward) but the chair leans back and forward a little bit even though it is locked in position. I have leaned the chair forward and it does the same, as well as backwards. I probably haven't given a good description but if anyone can give me an answer as to what could be wrong that would be great. I have noticed some of the wiring is now loose under the seat, could this be why? Thanks :)
  2. Welcome to the Toyota forums hialz :)