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  1. Oooooooooft this is some joocy content, love reading!
  2. My mate has one that connects directly to the top of the strut, however you won't be able to use it if you get coilovers as that's where the dampening adjustment knob goes. He's on stock struts + King springs so it fits. Any strengthening helps so I'm sure you'll still benefit greatly from the chassis brace. A thicker torsion beam/rear sway bar does wonders as well
  3. I don't think the front sway bar does much (good) for our car since you want to stiffen the rear. Look into Whiteline's 22mm rear sway bar, it's a fair bit chunkier than the stock bar so good gains to be had
  4. Hey Mopp your inbox is full. Very interested if you still have it! Give me a call/text on 0433843662 Cheers
  5. How about go aftermarket? I never understand why people want $100+ for their stock gearknob that is no longer brand new. I picked up a TRD gear knob (genuine) for $70. Goes great, it's made of that duracan material or whatever that doesn't get cold or hot to touch.
  6. Probably gotta head to a dealer to get yourself a lip kit but that'll set you back $$$$ For lips, there's an EZ lip on eBay which can be made to fit our cars. It's just a rubber strip at the end of the day held on my double sided tape. Looks decent i reckon
  7. Hey man, What's your aim/requirements? E.g. Want noise/don't want too much noise? performance? cost? There's CES systems that go for around $8-900 if you jump on some of the Sportivo facebook pages. That'll get you something with a little better breathing without being loud. Personally I'd just pick up a muffler (twinloop or Megan Racing twin tip looks nice too) and just get 2.5" piping for those gainssss. This will probably only set you back $3-400 max. I currently have an OBX twin loop. Looking to upgrade to 2.5" piping in the near future
  8. Welcome Henrezy! Just to answer some of your questions: Front/rear lip - Most people just chuck on an EZ Lip for the front you get off eBay for about $30. Not much else going around. For the rear you can also try find the factory-option rear lip. Eyelids - eBay is your best bet. Others just simply plastidip the shape of the eyelids (only works if your car is black) Black housing headlights - this is a DIY job. You have to open up the headlights and paint the housing yourself. I'm sure tehre's a guide on here somewhere ^^ Low springs will still give you a bit of wheel gap. To have the car completely level you'll need Low king springs (front) and super low king springs (rear). Orr....find a bargain with 2nd hand coilovers (Y). This is similar to the drop you can get with super lows I guess
  9. I'm about to put some QFM HPX pads in the front as well zero brake fade 'apparently' and they should perform pretty well compared to stock pads. I think my rotors need machining before I chuck them on though, they feel bumpy as
  10. Hey mate, eBay would probably be the easiest method, or have a look in Supercheap Auto/Autobarn. Sizes you want are: Low beam - H7 High Beam - H7 Front fog lights - H11 Parker lights - Wedge base bulbs I've got Philips xenon bulbs for low beam, and yellow bulbs for high beam (good vision when doing some fun driving at night =) ) These are my low beams
  11. Doubt police can tell the difference. Being Corollas, I doubt they'd pay much attention to our cars anyway. Out of all things, (I'd hope) the last thing they notice is a Sportivo seat in a non-Sportivo. Not too sure about the actual deal, or with insuranc though.
  12. Maybe do a compression test on the engine and see how it's holding up? Maybe also test drive a fresh one (just slightly above 100,000km) then test drive the 200,000km one and see if you feel a difference? Before I got my Sportivo, the ZZE Ascent I drove was sitting on 280,000km. Felt strong, engine was healthy. Car sounded like it'd explode when you revved over 4000rpm but then again it's not a 2ZZ lol It's over 300,000km now and car sounds no different than an Ascent with 100,000km. If a 1ZZ can do it i'm sure a 2ZZ can!
  13. Hey guys, Have a set of wheel lug nuts I want to get rid of. They are: Rays Formula Red caps M12x1.5 size All 20 lug nuts are lock nuts Forged, genuine etc. Brand new, have never been installed on wheels. (Delivered 2 days ago) Bought for $400 but change my mind Looking for $300 ONO. Located in Melbourne, willing to ship depending on negotiated price
  14. can't go wrong by going brighter lol they seem pretty expensive though, but that's probably just because I usually buy all the cheap bulbs from Hong Kong
  15. Hey Anthony, Is the car on coilovers by any chance? I got the same problem; trying to ask a few guys on the Sportivo facebook page. Everyone's saying there must be a bolt that's loose or a buckled wheel but I doubled checked everything before and it's all fine; all bolts tight, nothing wrong with wheels or wheel studs etc. Is there a certain speed it occurs at? Mine is at 30-40km/h and happens every time at that speed