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  1. Audio Security Code Reset

    Hey i just read my book for the unit came across this its not good news it looks like you have to take it too your dealer
  2. Audio Security Code Reset

    hey no worries i have the book ill take a look at if and ill let you know asap
  3. Audio Security Code Reset

    Hey i have the same head unit as you i have never had this issue but i recall reading the book for the unit and there was something about security card that you hold up to the screen or something like that so try reading the book for the unit hope this helps.
  4. Check VSC + Error code P2716

    Hi i am not an expert but i recall reading some where that the "Check VSC" had something to do with the battery so start off by getting your battery checked hope this helps.
  5. AUX Input Mod Alternative?

    Hey Adam i am not an expert i am not sure if they would work but the easiest way to get AUX is using a groom device i have the groom IPD-3 which gives me AUX and ipod cable and it connects to the back of my standard Toyota head unit they have different types of hardware depending on what you want such as bluetooth and they are all plug in and play hope this helps.
  6. Angel Headlights

    Defyant haha i might have get you to do some stuff for me :)
  7. Angel Headlights

    Hey guys i am looking a possible purchasing these headlights for my car just wanted to get some thoughts from anyones who has these or tired such as are they bright which colours temp look good thanks.
  8. Help needed!!!

    Hey guys I just noticed that my driver side headlight has water in it there is no cracked or loose seal around the headlight how can I fix this without taking the headlight out?
  9. Head Lights

    thanks mate that was a big help i don't think ill be playing with the adjustment
  10. Head Lights

    Hey guys thanks for your quick response i have just ordered a pair :) robboszr6 just wanted to find can i adjust the head lights or do i need to take it some where ?
  11. Head Lights

    Hi guys i know this has probably already been covered i just need your help just want to find out if any one is running 4300k,6000k,8000k H.I.D 55w Kit in their Aurion zr6 can you guys tell if they work well in the rain and if they are too bright and attract cop attention?
  12. Boot compartments ?

    Haha i know :s i got one installed but its not tight enough so i am think i didn't install it right
  13. Help needed !!! identify the part ?

    Oh that sucks i wanted those tail lights so bad :(
  14. Boot compartments ?

    Hey guys dose anyone know how to install a cargo net ?