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  1. Zre152 and 182 have the same floor plan as suspension so there's a good chance the exhausts are the same too..
  2. could you do the strut brace any cheaper? thanks
  3. actually to get the front decently low you do have to compress the spring i have them
  4. im keen on the uni chip message me on 0408007637 if its available
  5. And that is why you always leave the car in gear when you park... it was insurance covered it :) but the handbrake did nothing at all it was that f*cked took about 30 mins till it happened
  6. Are you providing more grip to the front wheels, or taking grip away from the rear wheels ;) Springs control body roll, anti-roll bars control the balance. bit of both and sway bars control sway or roll haha springs marely control the abilit for the shock to compress and at what rate it pushes out
  7. I did 180's in my corolla... Hand brake went loose Nek minnit it's at the bottom of my friends driveway back into a concrete pillar with 8800 bucks worth of damage luckily no people around it at the time
  8. Actually a fwd should always sit higher at the back if you want better handling Sitting level is just for looks and 4wds You want more grip in the front for obvious reasons and less in the back to limit under steer (Second year mechanical engineering student for what it's worth, I'm not just guessing) My zre152 sedan has stiffer sports coils in front and back from Lovells, the front lower 40mm The back about 50mm which does reduce the huge gap difference it came in but still a lot better, and on top of that I've got a 2 stage kmac rear sway bar, and the car runs on 215/40/17R wheels on 8 inch
  9. theres a difference between a shifter thats short and a short throw shifter if you shorten it its just a smaller shifter arm, short throw changes the pivot point so it has to move less to change gears but leaves the shifter the normal height
  10. can you put up a pic? and also you wouldnt have a rear sway bar by any chance?
  11. haha WOOOO dont see many of them around, but i actually really like the colour!! :D
  12. it has been lowered with lovells sports -25 to -40 at the front and super lows -45 to -60 at the back soooo happy with the outcome especially the cornering now!!
  13. finally lowered with lovells!!

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