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  1. Made in Altona, Melbourne. Home of our PM.
  2. Camry12

    2012 atara sx

    You sleep in your car a lot, eh? Is that only when the tennis ladies are on board?
  3. Mirror or black tint, leather seats, and bronze/tan/gold metallic paint are also the norm.
  4. What can fit 5 people, use not so much fuel, be plentiful in supply, cheap parts, tough, and good ride comfort? E-class Merc? Maybe, but Camry fits the bill better.
  5. When is the facelift with rear restyled LED's and improved front & rear headrests coming to Australia?
  6. Those of you who have been to south-east Asia will appreciate the popularity of the Camry/Aurion over there, but I recently returned from my first trip to Cambodia, and literally 90% of the cars are Camrys. Most are sourced from North America, and some (many) may have been stolen and ended up there. Had a memorable five hour road trip from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh in a gen 2 Camry at night due to a missed flight. Tough cars. Just don't try and drive yourself. A few masochistic types will do the inevitable motorbike thing as tourists, but when you have that accident you will have regrets.
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums Camry12 :)