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  1. Flashing 4WD Lo and VSC and Engine warning lights

    I once had a 120 series Grande. The override brakes on the boat trailer crushed the trailer wiring. This caused the 4 lo, VSC, traction, etc. lights to come on. At the time I didn't know this was the trailer wiring's fault as the lights were still on long after the trailer was parked in the shed. Toyota dealer took a few hours of reading to realize that fuses were blown and the computer had to be reset. So check there is no short circuit of your trailer wiring & check that there are no blown fuses. As mentioned in previous posts, you can fix the problems that cause the lights to come on, but you still need to remove certain fuses to reset the warning lights.
  2. Flashing 4WD Lo and VSC and Engine warning lights

    I decided to increase the RaceChip setting to see what happens - the problem returned!!! It seems to happen when the engine/autotrans./air is cool and you have just used your right foot excessively.
  3. Flashing 4WD Lo and VSC and Engine warning lights

    I have backed the Racechip settings off & so far no EFI problems.
  4. Flashing 4WD Lo and VSC and Engine warning lights

    Had the same problem with my 200 Series Sahara (MY10). If you have a chip on your D4D V8 - back the power setting off a bit - it may be the cause. To reset all the warning lights after this EFI problem, turn the engine off, remove all the main EFI fuses (In Engine bay - 3 I think) for 30sec. Should restart as per normal. Will let you know if it keeps doing this.
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums The Taxman :)