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  1. well ive just finished this mod the other day its relitively simple provided you solder and properly insulate the joins youll have no issues with it **NOTE THIS IS A GUIDE ONLY IM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ISSUES THAT MAY ARISE FROM THIS** what youll need: 2x stop/tail globe holders i cut mine out of an old honda from the wreckers i got them for free 2x stop/tail globes bout 5-10 bucks soldering iron solder drill if you really want insulating tape or heatshrink silicone gasget sealer first pull out the tail light and unplug it from the wiring harness the inner lamp hole isnt cut for our models so itll have to be cut out you can use a drill to drill around the top to cut out the hole but i found just melting it out was much easier. this is the part that needs to be cut out this is the side i tried drilling i needed to clean it up with a soldering iron on the edges the plug i used 3 wires one for earth, park and stop the wires off the plug needed extending the wiring goes as follows white/green stripe= earth green/white stripe= brake green= park lamp these wires i refer to are the wires on the the tail light that you need to hook the extra light socket onto. do not cut the wiring on the tail light just strip back the insulation and wrap the additional wires around them and solder them and either tape them up so they dont touch the other wires or use heatshrink if youve got it putting in the globes seeing as theres no nodules to clip the globe housing into the tail light so i just melted the tabs off the sides of the globe holders then i ran a bead of silicone gasget around the part where the globe holder goes into the tail light and simply pushed the gobe into the hole and waited for it to dry then reinstalled the tail light. heres one side done and both sides done
  2. well as some of you know im now without lift bought a hilux as planned then wrote it off a few weeks later after some shifting of our finances i found a few grand spare to buy a newer hilux in better nick even enough to buy my missus a new subi imprezza rs. i wanted to buy an evo for so long but after thinking about it.........why?.......strange as it is i wish i hadnt sold my stivo if id just held on i could of had the hilux and enough money to fix the things that bugged me with the car just a bit more power an lsd and a stronger rear engine mount would have made it so much better to drive
  3. just had a feel around under my backseat cant find a gap
  4. yeah it was which one did you mean the rolla just skidded across the road and ran head on into the wall and bounced straight back i saw that one. the commodore looked like he was trying to go sideways off showground road and just spun out i just missed seeing that one. yeah youd see me round there quite a bit i work at the tav these days i didnt see you though lol must've been dark
  5. spotted a stock black conquest hatch skid across old nothern road intersection next to castle towers and slam into a wall.........owch! 2 minutes later a saw a commodore spun out half on the footpath on what was a no standing sign
  6. yeah the new series falcons arent that great really but they all end up old dunger ex taxi's anyway
  7. lets face it the tradeoff of the corolla becomming very reliable is keeping it simple and......bland really its got the styling there to be a really good looking car it just needs to get on the roids. the focus is **** always has been **** only thing going for it is that hot orange and the roar it makes as you give it some hell but the motor is out of a volvo t5 so itll last about 2 years of hard thrashing as most euro stuff does. the tdi golf has some serious go for a diesel i used to service a few of them under contract if it wasnt for the noise youd swear it was a turbo petrol motor but even they have some serious issues i can forsee as ive had to refer a few of them back to vw mainly for eccessive oil consumption. i dont know about those astra vxr's the astra has never had a rep as a well built car all theyve done is shove a warmed 2l turbo up its nose poor effort
  8. but why Toyota didn't have this throughout all the models in the first place, is the frustrating bit cause itd cost extra on top of the price yadda yadda you know how it is good to see so many people giving it a go never thought itd be so popular lol! guess ill have to come up with another diy
  9. sure sounds like a thrust bearing to me mines the same and its been that way near 60,000 k's and it hasnt failed just is a bit noisy if a mechanic told me the noise was gear roll over id knock him out only cause i know thats bull**** you can replace your throwout bearing possibly even the clutch if you want to but i havent ive got 100,000 on mine now with the original clutch still feels good and doesnt slip. if you are going to do it dont replace the rear main unless its actually leaking sounds stupid i know but seriously if its replaced its more likely to leak than if its left well alone and its rare they leak anyway.
  10. when you buy a new key it has to be coded to the cars ecu or it wont work so i think the answer is obvious
  11. sounds like me seein as i was round the area. i have cheapo plates cause i cant find ones i like
  12. lol nah thatll be more of a constant squeeling noise you should be able to see how much pad you have left through the wheel
  13. sounds like a possible air lock in the abs unit itself this happens sometimes certain vehicles need a person using a diagnostic device to open the solenoids in the abs unit whilst the pedal is held down and the nipple for that brake line opened to properly flush any old fluid or air through the system i know you need to do this on land cruisers not sure bout corollas. its possible the brakes may never have been used to the extent that the abs system engaged before so if it is an air lock the mechanic isnt responsible cause it was already there just in a part of the braking circuit that was never used. as stupid as it sounds making your abs do some work occasionally even if its not neccessary isnt a bad thing cause it cycles the fluid through the system also if theres a problem like this itll present itself before you really need your brakes. also abs can work at low speeds so the guy may not have been driving very fast at all
  14. maybe your thinking its a holden astra they need new timing belts every 60,000 when its closer to 200,000 then id look at a replacement
  15. why not just get extractors theyre cheap and they flow better