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  1. A 2014 should be using a SD card based navigation system. I can't see that taking an hour ??
  2. needs a regas? Cabin air filter might be worth changing too
  3. Nice mate. Has to be one of the more unique TRD builds out there. can I just ask where you got the TRD bonnet guard?
  4. Those tail lights 👌
  5. Honestly I would just take it to an auto sparky
  6. I recently replaced all 6 of my spark plugs with FK20HR11s as well. Car feels like towing a train in the first second or so of initial acceleration. Hasn't made much difference so wondering about the ignition coils. Done 126,000 kms
  7. Today Tonight Adelaide ran a story on melting dashboards not long ago. TMCA might extend coverage beyond the 10 years?
  8. Also how much did this cost you all up if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Very nice! How much power is she making now?
  10. They don't appear to be from old stock as it doesn't fit as well as the old one. Its also a slightly lighter grey that. But it sure beats a melting dash.
  11. I've already done that, I never intended it as a long term repair and I was going to try and replace the airbox lid at some stage
  12. Need to replace the top half as the stem for one of the vacuum lines has broken off
  13. I've got 2 but they're probably not what you're after as all the clips are broken. New ones are $100 each from Toyota (they are still available)
  14. There is different wiring and all sorts.... its not plug and play
  15. Check the weather seal around the boot opening. Mine was not properly seated on the bumper area, I pushed it back in and I don't seem to have any more water in the wheel well. Not yet anyway.
  16. I'm confused. So its a ZR6 that you converted to a TRD? Or a factory TRD.
  17. Did you replace the weather seal around the boot opening? I also get water in my spare wheel well (and condensation on the wheel) but theres no apparent gap its getting in from. Which has me scratching my head a little.
  18. Fairly sure it is date of first rego, since as the problem got more widespread they just ask you for VIN so they can see date of first rego, and if you're good you'll get approved for replacement without them asking to look at the dashboard.
  19. i would still try. I believe the cutoff is 10 years from date of first registration and 240,000 kms, but unfortunately if it was first registered in August 2008 you are probably SOL since we're now in September. Also don't think it matters where you purchased. It applies Australia wide. How bad is your dash?
  20. If your cars a 2008 there might still be time. Get it to a dealer When was your date of first registration?
  21. My driver side lumbar stopped working as well. Doesn't make any sound at all. Just doesn't work
  22. Toyota should have made reverse cam standard in all aurions.... rear visibility is rubbish