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  1. I've just done it, but not without using some of the choicest swear words known to man :) You will need to remove the upper radio/vents fascia, and the radio itself. Unclip the electrical connectors (theres one on top and one at the bottom), and then release the red and blue clips on the air circulation control and the thermostat by squeezing the top and sliding it off. Then remove the steel wires underneath the panel, by squeezing the stubs holding them on. You cant remove that white plastic housing on the back, however you can unclip the fascia from the rest of the unit. This will allow you access to the other side of the circuit board, which will make it that little bit easier to guide the bulbs into the sockets (especially the ones with awkward access in the middle). I also managed to break a clip or two (I don't think the bulbs have been changed since the car was new - the old bulbs were blackened as hell, and the middle two were entirely missing).
  2. Any idea what type of bulbs they are? I'd imagine jaycar will be about the only place that sells them. They're pretty tiny if I remember right
  3. Just wondering if its possible to remove the bulbs out of the Air con control panel like the US camrys? There doesn't seem to be much information on the net about the Australian camrys. I've had it out but I can't see anywhere to remove the bulbs, and a wrecker has quoted $80 for a new panel. Don't really want to do that unless the bulbs are not replaceable. Would be great if anyone knows. Thanks
  4. No, exhaust system is stock. Nothing done to it. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have a 08' ZR6 and I was wondering if anyone could offer some insight to this problem. For a while now the CEL, VSC and TC lights have been coming on together intermittently, and whenever this happens, there are acceleration problems. What I mean by this is that the engine will hesitate before responding to acceleration inputs, and when it does, it revs right up to 3,000 RPM at times and seems to be out of gear. I've read about the notorious fuel cap problem and I've made sure its on and tight on numerous occasions but it only seems to be a temporary fix at best. Thanks
  6. Not very well I'd have guessed, judging by OP's silence
  7. Lol.. $250 is pretty reasonable in my book, considering they cost over $1000 here in New Zealand per set. Spare parts is a utter robbery I tell ya.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys, I'll take a look @Defyant yeah I was already keeping an eye on that thread because I thought $270 AU was a bit cheap for a decent HU but I had heard recommendations about it
  9. Thanks Defyant. Could you possibly link me to those Easydeal units? I can't find anything on google.
  10. Just looking to replace the factory stacker unit in my ZR6, and I was looking at the Camry/Aurion specific head units from this Eonon company. Does anyone have one of these units in their Aurion and can provide any feedback to how good they are? Things like: 1) Does the Eonon unit still have a in dash stacker ? 2) Is the touchscreen smooth and fluid? 3) What is the sound quality like over the factory unit? 4) Will this affect the steering wheel controls, in particular the DISP button for the optitron display? 5) Any major problems? I'm not really interested in watching DVDs or TV so not concerned about that Also, are there any particular differences between these two models? Thanks
  11. You're out of luck I'm afraid. Only the Sportivos and upwards models have the 'Optitron' display cluster which has the screen that shows fuel cons, distance to empty and outside temperature etc
  12. all i can see are new wheels...
  13. Managed to break into the sixes last weekend on the motorway
  14. I didn't know the current Aurion came with a diffuser or quad pipes?
  15. I found this, its for a older model Camry but it may be applicable to your case:
  16. You will have to remove the bumper to gain access to the parkers. That, or remove the wheel arch and get in through there.
  17. Yeah but whats the story? Did he simply suddenly dissapear and not come to the forums one day?
  18. You should always use 98 since i believe the Aurion's V6 engine develops 4kW extra over 91
  19. well to be honest I can't really complain, I bought my ZR6 second hand and for a steal of a price. Though I would tend to agree I would be pretty ****** off if I ordered leather and it turned out it wasn't fully leather after all, just half leather and half synthetic material
  20. Why? I don't really see the need for them. I just set one temperature and one fan setting when i start the car and it usually stays like that for the whole journey, occasionally lowering the fan speed once or twice.
  21. My dashboard has actually lifted a bit, on the passenger side. Its painfully obvious because when you look at it against the windscreen you can tell one side is higher than the other i.e. not equal