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  1. You know what, I think that looks like something Toyota forgot to put on the grille - it fits perfectly, nice job!
  2. Can't help you with 1 and 2 as I am non-AU, but the RRP for a 2008 Sportivo ZR6 for example, was about $50k NZD. Now, they go for anywhere between $16k and $27k, depending on mileage and condition. That should give you a rough idea. Cars do devalue quicker than you'd like as a general rule, but Toyotas tend to hold their resale value a bit better than other brands, so I think you'll be safe there. The 2012 ATX comes standard with 16" alloys. For extras, I think a boot liner would be a good way to go, if you want to keep all the muck and dirt out of the boot, (if you play golf like me, the bag and trundler picks up all the grass and dirt off the course). Sat nav might be a good option, I am not too sure if it has it as standard, given that the ATX has a screen for the radio and CD stacker in the centre console. It does have handsfree bluetooth, so don't worry about that. Also, if you drive on gravel roads a lot, a bonnet protector is definately a worthy investment.
  3. Hey guys, while driving my 08' ZR6 on the motorway the other day (I had the stereo off), I noticed this faint whistling, or whining, coming from the front of the car. Not too sure whats causing it, its not supercharged or modded in any way, but I am curious as to whats causing this noise and whether or not it indicates a problem with the engine. Thanks!
  4. service manual or owners manual?
  5. Alright cheers mate, I'll see if I can get it fixed when i take it for its 165k service
  6. I bought the car privately, so I guess theres no path for me except to stump up and pay for it?
  7. I bought my 08 ZR6 used for $16k with 165,000ks on the clock. So far, the dash rattle issues don't seem to be that bad at all. There is a rattle/creak of some sort coming from the centre console, but jamming my iPhone between my seat and the centre console shuts it up (strange??). The only other rattle comes from the back parcel shelf. First, would it be easy for me to remove the shelf and investigate whatever is causing the rattle without disturbing the airbags, or will Toyota still fix it free, as the car must be out of warranty now? Also, is there any easy fix for the centre console rattle other than wedging my phone between the console and the seat? Cheers
  8. Your best bet would be to get one of the aftermarket head units designed with the Aurion/US Camry V6 in mind.
  9. Check the service manual download in the FAQ section. It includes a collision repair chapter as well within the service manual, well worth looking at.
  10. Never mind, its in the FAQ anyway, just realised
  11. I'd just get a cheap run about and drive the Aurion only on every other day. It's too good to get rid of :)
  12. Well might give it a go...just cannot stand it now, now that I know that the letters are incorrectly spaced, but then I am afraid of making an even bigger mess by removing the letters..
  13. don't think thats normal at all, it should hold the car from going back or forwards, even on an incline
  14. But what if there is no aux jack in the center console to begin with? My Aurion ZR6 only has the power socket there but no aux jack. Can the mod still be done? thanks
  15. So last night...I noticed there was some minor scrape marks on the side skirt at the very front. Oh well, I'll just get it repainted...upon closer scrutiny I noticed the AURION letters on the door appeared to have been glued back on (I assume they came off when the damage to the side skirt was done). But thats not all, the previous owner appears to have glued the letters back on without even checking the spacing between the letters . End result: I would never have noticed this small detail, but now that I do, it really bugs me every time I look at the drivers door. Is there any way at all to remove these letters, or get new ones, and how would I go about regluing them correctly back on the door? Any help at all appreciated
  16. The average fuel display will automatically reset once the tank gets towards empty and gets filled up again, theres no manual reset option available. Plus, that figure should go down once you start driving around a bit. After filling up my Aurion, the display will often read ridiculous figures like 44L/100km, but as I said, that goes down to a more realistic figure once you drive around a bit :)
  17. Got 10.1L/100km driving my ZR6 around town and a little highway driving thrown in too
  18. I'm pretty sure the key fob for the ZR6 has a mechanical key, our two fobs do, you push the release button on the side and out drops the mechanical key
  19. Bought our ZR6 from a guy in Hamilton, flew down there to get it. Averaged 7.6L/100km on the way home. Since driving it around town and the occasional run to the airport viewing platform, its risen to 10L/100km. Quote MultiQuote Edit
  20. disregard this post, meant to post my fuel consumption in the consumption topic,posted it here by mistake :P
  21. Hey everyone :) Just picked up my 2008 ZR6, and I love it! but there is one little thing thats bothering me. The rear head rests, they seem to be loose inside their mountings, so when you put your head against them they squeak back and forth. Can this be fixed at all? Also can I get my dealer to fit the standard GPS unit that would have been offered when the car was brand new? Thanks!