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  1. Sorry to bring up an old thread. I have a friend who works at Toyota, that agreed to plug the scan tool into my car and make adjustments to things like auto lock, light delay etc. I located the service manual showing the adjustment settings. I find that when it's dusk and the sun it setting, my auto headlights don't turn on. If I block the sensor for a second or two, then take my hand off, the lights stay on. So my question is, on the service manual the Sensitivity option can be adjusted to; Light 2 / Light 1 / Normal / Dark 1 / Dark 2 Which way do I need to go to make my headlights turn on sooner (with it's still a little light outside) Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey mate. I ended up taking it back to the Toyota Dealer that I bought it from, and he replaced the broken part. If I recall correctly, the teeth were broken on the motor or something.. All under warranty.
  3. Do a search before posting mate, it's usually quicker ;)
  4. I'm out :( Sorry guys. My best mate set his birthday dinner for that night. Next one, I'm there!
  5. OK, so summarise and to make it easier for everyone to read... Cruise date is Saturday November 2nd We are meeting at Burnside Village Shopping Centre (Crn Portrush Rd, and Greenhill Rd, Burnside) Maps link - We are meeting at 7pm for a chat, then we will leave for a cruise up the hills afterwards (route TBA) We currently have the following people coming along; 1. Bangtown + 1 2. Rayasaurus 3. TRD029 4. adizz131 5. lukeyZR6 Should be a good night!!
  6. Haha maybe! But after all, it is the Toyota owners club... Not the Aurion owners club ;-)
  7. Bring them along!! Going for a cruise afterwards
  8. Hey mate!! We have a SA meet coming up soon, you should come!!
  9. 1. Bangtown 2. Rayasaurus 3. TRD029 4. adizz131 5. 6. 9. 10.
  10. Yeah weekend is better. I would prefer the 2nd Nov over the 9th, as I have booked a skip bin that day (spring clean!!) So if it is on the 9th, I'll be a maybe, depending on how I feel on the day.
  11. Depending on the time and location. It's a weekday, So that means a 6am wake up, then get home / go straight to the meet. Once the details are confirmed, I'll see if I can go.
  12. Sounds good to me!! It's been ages since going for a cruise! Never been in the Aurion, just in my old car. So keen.
  13. Im in!! I am down south - Morphett Vale. Don't mind heading up north, but I ask that if we end up going on a cruise one day, make the end point central, so I can get home quicker haha. Cheers Drew!! Alex