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  1. I'm down for a meet at greenacre, where abouts in greenacre tho?
  2. umm, so its my first meet any chance of a exact start address. thanks dudes, see you all tomorrow.
  3. Spotted just now white stivo plate nik091 stuck on parra road in this unbearable heat.
  4. okay done, will be looking to get lowered on stock steelies first then rims. @ye34ok, i remembered that someone had 9" wheels but i couldnt for the life of me remember where i had seen it. i will definetly give gtlost a message despite his screen name. ha ha ha @ juvenile, thanks man, but to be honest i have no idea how those numbers translate to the real world, as in, id assume 53mm further out would mean that the wheels would stick out of the guards and thats bad, well for some that would be good, but 23mm less inner clearance doesnt seem as extreme as 37mm less as with the rotas. Anywho thanks for the input guys, will hopefuly bring the car to get tinted in the coming days. now on the hunt for coilovers, as many have said lowered springs is very much a middle step to coilovers.
  5. 1) BG Pete 2) Rolls87 3) jaay 4) juvenile 5) ChrisZRE 6) Hiro (AE102) 7) Cara (JZZ30) 8) AK00FJ (Maybe) for the first time. depending on the missus. 9) YE34OK (Datsun) 10) chrise2490 11) bokip :D
  6. New exciting stuff happening, at long last. Car will be recieving 20% tints all round shortly, am aware that 35 is legal. am looking at a set of bbs copy rims and have some questions. 1. would 18x 9.5 +30 fit on the back, i calculated for 38 in previous post but no one has gotten back to me as to whether i have done the math right, i was looking to get them staggered so it would be 18x 8 +30 up front and 18x 9.5 +30 up back. also another question, it would be a fair while between getting the rims and getting the coilovers, for the sake of not having a ridicolous looking car for ages would it be a better idea to get the coilovers first and then rims or rims then coilovers? Thanks for any help, comments, critisisms, all welcome.
  7. at long last photos!!!!! when i first got her unregistered badge delete hid installed have a set of rota t2r that i can get for cheap, size is 18 x 9.5 +38, 5x 114.3 went onto the wheel offset calculator, it says, assuming that the original offset on the ascent is +45 that the new wheels will extend 51 mm out and there will be 37mm less for inner clearance, im not sure but those numbers to me look like they mean trouble and the wheels wont fit, anyone with more knowledge able to help me out? thanks, next mods to come wheels, tint, lowered and then break for fund accumulation then intense sq sound system build. stay tuned.
  8. I got my silver 2011 corolla ascent from manheim auctions in Sydney. I paid 14250 for it but it came unregistered, to get it on the road and insured came to about 17, I would have to say I really enjoy the corolla, besides the fact that its gutless with the air con on, it goes alright. I'm quite the opposite to jsta i would say the corolla is too high up, gotta slam it on its a$$, I'm still not sure if I like the front "grill" part of the corolla it looks to altise like. I've been thinking of painting that part a diffrent colour and also the rear chrome strip across the back. The rear spoiler is a real real real small one and I found it doesn't really match any of the lines of the car. Aftermarket here I come. Ha ha ha. But yeah overall, its a good little car, with more guts it would be awesome, like 3gr Fe oomph like the blade in Japan.
  9. An update, its been ages, did 2 things to the Rolla, debadged the back and installed hid's. The left bulb will come on then turn off allmost immediately, if I turn the lights off then on again, sometimes it will fix it, other times it will take a few goes. Going to switch the bulbs to see if it the bulbs, got the kit from auto platonium. Amazingly fast delivery, next day actually. will post pictures soon. Anyways that's all for now. Looking into getting some rims. Am think dark coloured rims against the silver will look good. Seen the most amazing colour. Carbon bronze pearl, weird and stupidly noon question but do people get their rims painted pearl, I've never heard of this happening before. Share thoughts comments and criticism alike, all welcome. Also just found another thread that states, aftermsrket hids are illegal. o.O
  10. Whoa, those are pricey. I might just leave the foggies for now.
  11. Hey everyone, so i have been looking into getting some fog lights for my facelift ascent, i found these that i want to get and was wondering if anyone has these and would they fit. also i think i need a shround to go into the foglight well first then attach these to it? anyone know a place to get those? any help would be greatly aprreciated. Thanks
  12. Ha ha, yeah agree with you on the gear selector, on my friends NEW 09 Levin, I though it was on reverse but it was in neutral, rolled forwarded and scraped the front plastic lip, let me tell you, she was not happy. Ha ha ha. Umm I haven't really had a lot of time to test out all the little things in my car. But yeah I had always wondered what that little button near the gear selector did. It's says shift lock. I assume you if you press it it keeps the car in the current gear its in. Maybe try it with the selector in 3 or 2 and see it or changes gear still. With seeing what gear the car is in, it should be in the little display thing in the cluster. Haven't driven mine in the dark yet. Lol I worked so had to get a car, bit due to work I don't even have time to drive it. Soon though, when uni starts up again. Mmmm so the sport version has leather seats, wonder how much a pair of those bad boys will cost forma wreckers, if I'm lucky enough to find one in the wreckers.
  13. hey jsta, good to see someone else with the same car as me =] is it an ascent by chance?
  14. Hey everyone! Well about a week ago I picked up a 2011 corolla ascent from the auctions. The car came with no parcel shelf or floor mats, also the left side thing in the boot wherethere is a pin to hold the parcel shelf was broken. So I guess to start this build thread I went down to Toyota wreckers and picked up the missing parts and a new left side boot thingy. Should be nice and simple, no. Took me about an hour to the all the right floor mats and a parcel shelf that fitted properly. The guy tried to sell me 2 passenger floor mats and 2 what I assume to be 2 sedan mats for the back. Well anyways I ended up with the right mats and parcel shelf and about 10minutes I had switched outthe broken left boot part for the unbroken one. Next up, I was wondering if anyone knows of or heard of led taillights for the facelift zre c orolla, I've seen some for the pre facelift. Are these the only one available? Also absolutely dreaming but would reckon a set of bbs would go awesome with the Rolla. But yeah on my broke as uni budget bbs are going to take a while. Ha ha ha. Also looking to get tinted. Def get tinted. Hate the clear windows. Also gave her a good wash. Noticed there are a lot of micro scratches, any tips on waxing them out? Products, techniques? The car was an ex rental from qld so shrewd in a little bit of a bad hair day,as the paint is still really good and interior is great. Car has a little high kms for its age but with a little selective driving I think I can even out the kms to year ratio. Lol who am I kidding, my first car I'm going everywhere with it. Gone are the days of being an over qualified pedestrian. Ha ha ha. But yeah the 2 thing I'm aiming to get done as for now is tints and led taillights if that is possible. Tints I know a guy so should be sweet,but I have googled about led lights and havent anything for post facelift, unless they fit all the same. Also will be getting rid of the badging on the back. Do you just rip those things off or is there a technical way to do it. Lol I'm writing an essay so ill stop here.
  15. so about a week ago i manage to get myself a 2011 corolla ascent and hence probably meet the minimal requirements to be apart of this online community. ever since buying the car i have been all over this forum, its amazingly informative and very much more relaxed than some other forums i have seen.well anyways, though i would intro myself as i will probably be osting all over the corolla sections very soon with many many question, but not to fear i will use the search options first before posting a new topic, but too much blabbing from me and yeah hello to everyone, and im sure its going to be nice here.