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  1. Iv put injector cleaners in today ill do an oil change in a few day see how it goes.
  2. My uncle just got a 2015 kluger same engine his is definitely not as noisy. I put stethoscope on his injectors the seem a little bit quieter but i was walking from a garage to the road so i might put them side by side. Ill do a service and try 5W-40 see how it goes
  3. 20200831_171747_1_1.mp4 20200831_171747_2_1.mp4
  4. 20200831_171747.mp4 I have noticed the ticking noise before it dose seem to be louder then i remember. Iv only started taking more notice because a friend brought it to my attention when they where standing out side my car. I dont hear the noise in the car only drive past building and parked cars ext. As for Performance i haven't noticed any loss there seems to me ok. One thing i noticed today when i put petrol in my cruising range was a little lower then normal. By around 70km.
  5. I have a longer video just need to upload it In terms of condition its been serviced every 7500km from new 5w30 oil it has 137000km It hasn't had a hard life but it hasn't been babied either I have put a stethoscope over the engine the injectors are very noisy at the base and you can feel them pulse when your holding the stethoscope The front timing cover is quite and the front rocker cover is the same. When i put it on the back cover i can slightly hear the noise but very quite but the only way to put the stethoscope on the back cover is through the gaps in the inlet manifold.
  6. Only after it gets to operating temperature 20200822_134343.mp4
  7. Hello i have a 2012 aurion it is making a ticking noise when it gets to operating temperature its ok till them service history is good oil is good. I have seen on the internet about a middle bit in manifold coming lose but but it dose not say much about what noise it was making and one have this problem or has come across it??
  8. Oh ok I thought swaybars were solid spring steel if they weren't solid wouldn't they just twist ?
  9. 16x16x16x16= 65.635 19x19x19x19=130.321 divide the to and you get 1.98 so the 19mm will be prity much 2x stiffer. The 23mm kum up 4.27 so heaps stiffer
  10. Yea I think I might go with the 19 mm swaybar and front strut brave. I found a write up on swaybars for fwd cars and it told me how to work out how much stiffer the new bar would be over the old one. You just times the thicknes of you old by for so mine is 16mm the you time the size your going to so 19mm or 23mm then you divide one into the ather and thats how much stiffer it would be
  11. I'm just gona lower it get better shocks. No track work so just won't it to handle better then what it dus now
  12. Ultra racing is the brand they have 19 mm and 23 mm
  13. Hi robf What size rear sway bar did you upgrade to ?? I'm looking at the 23 mm one. But my one on the car at the mo is only 16 mm don't want it to be too stiff that I cause the car to spin out. Does anyone know what size they use on the sportivos ?