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  1. bump price revised im on once every full moon so better text me peeps :)
  2. duy duy duy buy my visors hahahh i know you dont got any double sided tape dont worry about paint
  3. sorry mate your rollas not green havent heard
  4. yeah so sad. bloody p plate laws make me hate looking for a car. nothing half decent out there hahah thought this post wasnt approved or something
  5. Located Wester Suburbs Vic Pickup will ship if small. Item: Celica Engine cover 100 Item Condition: Used Item: Sportivo Engine cover 20 Item Condition: Used Item: stock springs and shocks 50 for whole lot no top hats/strut tops Item Condition: meh its stock removed at 145xxx Item: stock sway bar 20 Item Condition: used Item: stock airbox 20 Item Condition: used Item: stock catback 50 needs new hangers though Item Condition: dirty metal COME TAKE IT AWAYY message me on 0413341775 cause ill most likely forget to reply to a pm lool
  6. there was a wrx wagon in front of me and we were going constant rate. he closed up onto the aston and then switched immediately i had little room to avoid and braked. my mate behind me also braked, then hydroplanes into me and i hit the aston
  7. called up vu from dt panels and i took a photo for hit my tyre well is bent and he said its a writ off and the aston
  8. my front is all bent up while his rears damage is: few small trade paint scuffs, and a small plastic grille at the bottom thats broken. makes me sad. fought an aston martin and lost
  9. well...i crashed into an Aston Martin DB9...adios im going to hang myself
  10. wow actually makes me like the ae112. bloody europeans and their two doors. too bad we dont get them down under.