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  1. Thanks Trent, no have not looked at fuel system, makes the correct noises. Looked at the electrical system because RACV bloke ruled out fuel system, he was certain its an electrical fault.
  2. My SV21 has been idling roughly but the biggest problem has been the lack of power when going up hills. It didn't start recently so had to call the RACV, they suspected a faulty ignition lead but in the end they managed to get it started but it took a while and required jumper leads even though the battery is only 6 months old. Anyway I did a bit of research and measured the resistance on the ignition leads, Gregory's manual says that the resistance needs to be less than 25000 ohms, mine were 65000, 53000, 43000 and 35000 respectively. So according to the manual they were all high. I went to Repco and asked if I could measure one of theirs and it was around 35000 ohms so I'm a little confused. The leads are in very good condition, no cracks or burn marks and haven't been there that long. What should they measure and how important is the reading anyway?
  3. Just double-checked, it's the hose that runs from the steering rack to the pump.
  4. Thanks Trent, I believe so, the mechanic said the hose is approx $100 and labour would be the rest.
  5. Our SV21 has been loosing power steering, mechanic tells me it will be $300 approx to fix. I have moderate diy skills, anyone comment on the degree of difficulty of this job as I'd like to have a go at it?
  6. Thanks Trent, this is going to be damn expensive then.
  7. Car has a leak under manifold, it reveals itself on trips longer than 5 mins. The car is an SV21 Toyota Camry station wagon 1990 model. It overheated on the weekend, RACV says it's probably a rear welch plug. I gather that will mean removing the manifold etc. how big a job is on these cars? What would a reasonable mechanic charge for this?
  8. Thanks again Trent, do you/any one else know of any guides in either printed or online that i can follow?
  9. The way the mechanic carried out it was going to take quite a few hours because you have to take lots of parts off to get to them.
  10. Thanks Trent always wanted a good excuse to get a press, apart from pressing them out, is the rest of the job straightforward, don't think I'll be able to do it but want to look at all options. Couldn't find anything on this in either Gregory's or the Haynes manuals.
  11. Mechanic has said that these need to be replaced, has estimated a few hours work, what would be a reasonable charge for this? From what he has said you need to take off quite a few parts before you can get to the bushes and that's where the work is, think it's a bit beyond me, but anyone done these themselves?
  12. Got the car back brakes seem to be ok but the car has only been on a short journey so far, the caster bushes are driving me mad though and will have to be the next job.
  13. Thanks for your help, took it back to mechanic, diagnosis is that the wheel cylinder is leaking slightly and the disc pads have brake fluid on them so will need to re-do the wheel cylinder. Also said that the caster bushes at front are worn and should be replaced, I may start a separate post for this but the mechanic reckons it's not that easy a job on my camry and may take a few hours, wondering whether anyone else has done these and just how hard they are.
  14. No, I expected to find heat as I thought that there might be a sticking brake but all clear as far as heat goes.
  15. Checked the date of purchase on the cylinder and actually installed 3 months ago, clunking noise has appeared the last 2 weeks, what should I be checking?