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  1. Hi mate, Good thanks, yourself? Super easy, so basically once it is plugged in it will work under the cd function. At the moment you will have FM, AM, CD, etc. Basically once the device is plugged in it will create a second CD mode a function under 'CD changer'. Basically adds a second CD changer to your previous CD changer but instead of different CD's it will be playlists, but I don't use that I just select which songs I want on my phone. So now you will have FM, AM, CD changer 1 (normal CD's) and CD changer 2 (you access this by clicking CD twice, and this will be your Aux/usb in) and to switch back to FM or something you just push FM for example. Hopefully you will see this in the video below. In the picture is just the iPhone dock connector and the auxiliary with a lightning adapter because it's an iPhone 7. IMG_1146.HEIC IMG_1147.MOV
  2. Exactly, super easy trust me. Haha I think you should go to the link I sent you and read up on it abit, when you select the sat nav version for the gta kit it comes with a splitter Y cable. Let me know if you have any more questions :)
  3. Just check the post I just put up in case you didn't get to see it, It is the white port on the right with the yellow, orange and pink cable you will remove and replace with the plug from the gta kit :)
  4. Actually ignore me, I think you have the sat nav version, in that case you will have to replace one of your existing plugs. The white plug on the right with the yellow, orange and pink cable (in your picture) would be the one you will remove and replace with the plug from the gta kit, just make sure you order the one for the sat nav unit as the standard unit requires a smaller plug that goes into an unoccupied port. Hope this helps haha sorry for the confusion
  5. Yeah sorry I probably didn't explain that well, the blue plug on the gta kit actually replaces one of the occupied ports on your receiver, so one of them you pull out and plug the gta kit in, it won't affect any operations as far as I am concerned/experieced. The video in that link I sent you should show you which plug to pull out of the receiver and to replace with the plug from the gta kit. The video they have is actually on a camry model, which is the same unit as the aurion unless you have the sat nav unit, but there will be an appropriate port still. At the end of the day, if you bought one of these it won't take long to work out which plug has to come out for the plug on the gta kit! :) If you don't have any luck finding out which on it is on their video let me know and I'll take some photos tomorrow :)
  6. I suppose it is, I'm certainly not experienced enough to make a modification myself and these guys had a really good reputation at the time when I was looking at them, but anyway, each to their own :)
  7. Hey Mike, Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but I myself have used a simple plug and play option. I found these about 3 years ago as I was using an FM transmitter for my music and it was terrible. Anyway stumbled upon these car kits, there is one for the Camry which has the same ports on the back of the receiver, on the site you can select if you have the standard head unit or the sat nav version. Mine is the presara model so I selected the sat nav version but without the bluetooth, as I wanted to use the bluetooth connectivity for the phone already in my car. It really is simple to install, there is a plus that goes into an existing port in the back of the receiver (there are guides to show which one it is, sorry I can't remember so long ago now!) Then I just ran the aux and USB cables up through the little hole where the center console closing mechanism is, looks neat enough for me :) So basically for it to enable the aux or USB mode it uses the 'cd changer' function, so basically if you are on FM for example and you want to put your Aux cable on you push the CD button (once for actual cd's) and then again (enables CD changer 2) which turns on the GTA car kit for aux or USB. That's it, the volume controls on the steering wheel still work. The only thing that doesn't is if I have the USB part connected to my iPhone (using a lightning cable adapter for the newer iPhone ports) the skip buttons on the steering wheel don't work, but the ones on the receiver do. Here is a link to the device I used: Not sure if this is what you are wanting but thought I would share my thoughts and experience, might be relevant to someone. If you are interested and want to know more about it feel free to contact me, I'd be happy to pull out the receiver I have it installed on and show you which port and stuff :) Aw actually, I also installed one for a mate, he has a Sportivo (not sure which Sportivo sorry) and he wanted an aux function and I talked him into getting one and I put it in for him. So I know that one works too! Hope this helps,
  8. So did anyone ever work out how to adjust the low beam headlight on the presara model? Because those adjustment screws in the pictures above are not there, the holes are, but there is no screw?
  9. Here are some links: This first link is a parts 'search engine' type website that will provide all part numbers for most cars, I've selected a 2008 toyota aurion presara for this example, and were it says BULB, DISCHARGE LAMP there are two different ones, the first is the 2007-2008 model and the second is 2008-2009 (So Im guessing toyota may have changed the bulb or brand??) anyway if you google this part number it'll provide the bulbs that toyota use in the shop, which comes to the second link: It seems the reviews show that people are very happy with the bulbs in the second link haha so I guess they must be the genuine toyota ones :) (Not sure why they're like $10 hahaha) Hope this helps anyway :)
  10. $350 I found as a really good price for a new set of genuine Phillips, considering there are sooo many counterfeits on the market, Personally, I was worried about buying a set of 6000k as so many people have complained that they are crap for visibility at night and/or rain, (sometimes the 'fake' bulbs are no where as bright as the genuine bulbs) but when I installed them I was shocked by how bright they actually are. In terms of the brand NARVA, they are really a comparable company, meaning they're both derived from Germany, top quality products and I'm sure if you choose either one you'll be completely happy with them :)
  11. Try these, they are expensive compared to the cheap ones for $5 or $10 but they are very good quality :) Hope this helps :)
  12. This could be the case for other models, but for the Presara H11 is high beam and fog lights, D4S for low beam (HIDs) and T10's for parkers and number plate lights :)