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  1. Put it in myself, easy as. Existing plugs, go into the headunit. You just need to take the black plastic covering off the back of the climate control unit before attaching it to the new headunit.
  2. Had a similar one, after a while the screen would flicker and degrade. Ended up getting one of these and haven't had a issue. I have a Aurion 06 Sportivo ZR6, and it fit straight in, plug n play.
  3. Hi All, Just received the SPF2904K bushes to install on my ZR6 (2006). Just wanted to confirm if the offset on both bushes are meant to point to the right of the car? Although the instructions show that they do, I'm just trying to make sense as to why they would both point to the right to correct the Left pull issue. If anyone could explain this to me it would really give me some peace of mind before I push the bushes in. I've looked at other double offset bushes like the whiteline ones, and their instructions say that the offsets should both point into the centre of the the vehicle, which is different to the superpro instructions. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, Anyone know what the part number for a 2006 Aurion Sportivo ZR6 Alternator is? Thanks, Tom
  5. Hi there, anyone know where I can find the correct lock nut spec''s for a Aurion ZR6 standard 17" Mag? Will any M12 x1.5 do? Does it have to be a specific length and pitch?
  6. Want all you want, I was just letting everyone know the prices for the filter I wasn't really concerned with the so called performance, I'm a family man and I'm not all that bothered if a Gogo mobile passes me by. It was my honest opinion, that there was slight improvement, but perhaps the old was due out anyhow. If you're here to try and slang me off go f@@@ yourself.
  7. Slight take off gain, not struggling for air
  8. That's correct, the part number is 33-2326. I think on ebay they are going for over $100 delivered.
  9. Just thought I'd share that you can buy k&n filters delivered to Aust for around $50 off amazon. Received mine today and fits perfectly
  10. Awesome thanks for your responses. Pah thanks for the forum link, good to know its possible with only changing bumper and grill. I was planning to put the TRD grill on anyhow.
  11. Anyone ever tried replacing there pre-face lift (06-08) front bumper on their ZR6 with the 2010 version? If so, does the 2010 fit on without any modifications?
  12. Thanks redmac for the info, I'll have a look.
  13. Sorry correction, It was actually the Swissvax Leather milk which I used, that came with the kit. The leather cleaning product is also pretty good as it also provides a moisturisering effect at the same time. I also used some of the Elephant fat on the leather door trims.
  14. Freaks me out though how much Swissvax price their products. I have no doubt that it's premium stuff, but to pay $1469 for some Wax is beyond me. I suppose if you own a million dollar car, $1469 would be small change, they probably spend that much just to fill their tank once a week :D