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  1. I have a set for 50 bux, located in vic but can post for you for an extra 10 bux
  2. Hids $50! Going overseas and need them gone!
  3. Bump! Exhaust sold pending payment! HIDS still for sale! $50!!
  4. HIDs $50! Exhaust system $250 plus swap with your standard one!
  5. dezzymun


    looks sick! id shag in the back of that anyday lol!
  6. Coilovers are sold pending! HIDS still for sale Exhaust system still for sale
  7. you won't be able to tell its aftermarket, mufflers are in the same position as stock ones, only difference is that my one has 2.5 inch piping all the way through into a stock exhaust tip.. ill try get some pics tho..
  8. CHASSIS BRACING SOLD! CUSCO ZERO2s STILL for sale HIDS still for sale too
  9. COILOVERS $1100! HIDS $50! EXHAUST SYSTEM $300!
  10. as requested, separated at birth =[.. reunited via interwebs, my ride:
  11. COILOVERS $1200! HIDS $50! EXHAUST SYSTEM $300!
  12. COILOVERS $1400! HIDS $50! EXHAUST SYSTEM $300!
  13. >=[!! Lol it's all good.. Red should grow on you eventually hahaha!! I think you would have snapped my car up if it was black or white lol. If u want more info, just pm me mate. Ps where are you located?
  14. I have a red one for sale, pm me if your colour choice changes mate, mine ticks all your boxes but the colour :(
  15. some pics of the coilovers here, also spring rates on them are 7 at the fronts, and 5 at the rears
  16. Out ATM but I will take pics tomorrow and upload them for you guys. My friend bought them brand new and I am the second owner and the coilovers have travelled 7000~ in total. Drives smooth and in great condition. They are height adjustable and the fronts have cambertops
  18. If anyone is still interested just pm me