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  1. I had this a while ago but i lost it but now that i've found it i thought i might share it to all the other ae112 owners on here that would assist them.
  2. I thought i would upload something super useful to all the corolla owners on here the MANUAL GUIDE =D THE WHOLE BIBLE TO DIY Been using this as a guide for my ae112 2000, its the european model for the book but most of the interior is the same except for the engine which is different. All in all it is pretty much the same and has been super helpful to me in removing my cluster and interior. UPDATE Will hopefully have the new cluster in with the new lights by end of this weekend. Centre console lights have blown and out of position and constantly turn off as well as the transmission illuminator has blown. Next month Hopefully my friend will find some time to paint my bodykit if not then i will try another friend. Will show the progress on next update Not sure if i can upload it but i will try. You guys can thank my later.
  3. So this car has been in the family ever since, one owner and one owner only. Originaly was my brothers first new ride, now it has been passed down to me. Parts list (Updated as of may) - Installed = Klutch SL1 16x8 4x100 (3inch lip) +15 - Installed = Rays Engineering - Lock Lug Nuts (Authentic) - BC V1 Series Coilovers ae101/ae111 Macpherson strut - AE112R Levin Instrument Cluster - AE112R Levin Entire rear Consisting on Hubs, Calipers, Rotors, Brake Line, Controller arms (SOO HEAVY). - AE112 Replacement grille ( Future project vip style grille ) - AE112 TR-Bodykit Set (Gold colour needs to be repainted to white/what ever colour i repaint my car to) - AE110 00" Ascent/Conquest Japanese Rear Light set ( Import Monster ) - Camber bolts Parts list to buy AE112 Sportivo Front lip. Camber bolts???? Wheel Fenders if there are any To do list Repaint scratches on the side of the car Fit TR bodykit Complete Disc Brake Conversion kit Install Coilovers and adjust height (ENG. PERMIT) Had a minor incident with the front bar, not too noticeable in the last picture but.... im ocd with how clean i want my car and i want it damage free ><. Will the TTE Bodykit front the old pre facelift AE112 fit? I only assumed that the facelift had changed the exterior lights / bonnet lid / grille / indicator lights and not the bolts holding onto the front bumper. So whats the news? do i haggle to get the bumper or not. This tte model is going to get scrapped either way because he wants it all for 1,500.
  4. I did an image comparison using the corolla badge as a common source of length. It seems that the difference in length is about 5% difference (AE112 boot seems a bit larger). My concern was the fact that the boot look slightly different and wasn't sure if there was a bend in the AE112 model. My original plan was to buy a newer model lip spoiler from the 06+ models? and try to form it into my boot, but it seemed to daunting as the size and shape difference was too much. So this may be less of a gamble as they look roughly the same. All in all i might reconsider doing it after i get my front end fixed and a front lip purchased
  5. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE Bodykit is about to go off to paint this monday and will be fitted the following sunday hopefully. Wheels will probably go on this week or next week depending how i feel. side note : I been meaning to get a Trunk lip spoiler I've been noticing two similar parts but the seller was reluctant to tell me that it did not suit my ae112 2000 year. ( Picture 3&4) I want to purchase the TRD Ducktail for the ae110 from overseas but sadly they do not do international shipping. ( Picture 1&2 suties my car ) Although i can purchase this one from ebay at 200 dollars ( Picture 3&4 not sure if it suits my car ) for a Toyota Altis 2001-2007 As you can see they have strikingly similar appearance and size. To my research it seems that both were known as the toyota altis and from pictures the boot lid dimension at the end seem roughly the same. Opinions guys? Do i gamble and buy it and attempt to fit it even though if its a little bit bigger.
  6. Last pictures before rims got removed. They will be back but in due time.
  7. Bad news for the project, just recently got yellow stickered ..... defect notice for the ridiculous rims. In accordance to safety it needs to comply, the only problem I suspect that i won't pass the check is the fact that it sticks outside the fenders. The only way i can beat that is if I get some cheap ***** bolt on fenders from ebay. In logic the police guy was quite nice, he could of been hell of ***** and ticked every box and fined me for random stuff. But all he gave me was a sticker and a note to what i had to comply with. Steering, tyres and suspension. Tyres and Rims are within the limit of the regulation. Suspension just needs to be lifted relatively close to stock height or within +-50mm of stock height. Steering was just an add on because of the camber. ITS JUST THE BODY!!!!! >< Life of a car enthusiast =D Looks like i might have to just hold off for the end of the year, repaint the car white plastidip and give it a military weathered look with brown/black/grey plastidip spray cans.
  8. They are pristine clear and clean. All globes still installed as well. I'm sure anyone else on here would agree they look much better than the lights we got for the face-lift model.
  9. Pictures tonight mate =p i've haven't had time to exercise my excitement of opening the parcel...... Thanks to import monster, their service was great. Shipped within 3 business days. I only opened up 1 so far, the packaging was perfect. Glad wrapped and cleaned, bubble wrap then some classic Japanese newspaper. $100 Roughly for the whole set, it then added up to ~330 roughly. So it was the shipment from the seller to import monster in japan, then shipment to my house, all in all it adds up and also tax and Commission hence the pricey shipping payment. But it was fast and well worth it. I'll get to removing the badges this weekend and installing the lights hopefully.
  10. Will be attempting to probably de-badge my car this weekend, also riding hard and low has finally start to come at a cost. Must of hit something hard recently to partially damage the front cv joint on the right hand side. Seems to give a small knock noise when i turn right but only at low speeds of 10 and below. Not too keen to just run out instantly and go buy a new cv joint over 1 little knock. The car will live and it will be just a daily driver till I get a stable job and graduate. Other than that new problem I think im just waiting on the Lights from japan and if Evolve Body Coatings will get in more bloody sprayers so that i can purchase a kit and repaint the car before uni starts to kick into gear.
  11. Just recently purchased a set of AE110 JDM rear lights from import monster, just waiting on shipment calculation tonight.
  12. I wasn't keen on getting the TR Front Bumper on the car because t just looked too fugly imo. That's why I'm opting to purchase the Front sportivo lip from eastern states, much cleaner look and if it doesn't look low enough i might just buy some of this stuff to make it look cooler =D. On another note i was wondering if anyone on here has managed to remove those factory stickers on the rear? I know I can remove the badges and glue because i've got the tools for it. But the stickers? I haven't seen a post regarding removing the factory stickers. For the people that got them removed, they've all had full resprays.
  13. Lets put it this way, i'm screaming like a girl everytime I see speed dumps and humps, I hear a bit of rubbing at the front but its okay, only happens when i hit heavy changes in the road. I definitely breaking a lot of necks and turning heads for all the wrong reasons. I saw a gtr pass me and i saw him totally turn his head to see my ride. Had few guys in Subarus pass me and wind the window down and yell out sick rims. Had a few kids in their V8 Ford Falcon turn their heads for my rims. A lot of people ask about the rims thinking that they are pretty expensive and a lot definitely think that my ride looks hella crazy on the freeway due to -4.00 camber . So sad I didn't get rolling shot on the freeway. All in all the comfort drive in my car out a scale of ten is -10 LOL. You see that change in the road height by 2cms I FEEL IT, you see reflectors in the road I FEEL IT. Bumpy ride, but at what cost? Less tyre rub and wicked ride height. Its simply clean =D. Looking to get stuff from EBC when they get in sprayers again. Plastidip kit + sprayer for 500 ish not sure about shipping to perth. Need to sand down the TR bodykit and fit it on the car . I am also looking to buy the JDM OEM toyota AE110 98-01 Rear Lights from Import Monster and to finish off the kit I am going to ship over from eastern states the Sportivo lip. Everyone should have the set JDM OEM lights, they are dam affordable if you find them at the right price, much cheaper than a single OEM light in australia. 4 Parts JDM < 1 PART Australian. Stupid thing is that they are BOTH OEM .... FACTORY STANDARD. Same size same shape same globes.
  14. Updates after a long month later. I've had the coils installed with camber bolts on the rear. Still have to finish off the custom grille, repaint job with plastidip, bodykit installation. Rear disc brake conversion kit.
  15. Hey jay you know how you got the whiteline bolts? did they fit and how much camber did you adjust. I'm thinking about getting them now as thats the only other option than getting camber plates. Cheaper and easier alternative, because getting camber plates means i need to rip out the seats every time i want to adjust them. Need to change my -1.5 camber to -2.5 ~-3 at the rear to tuck in my rims.