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  1. im getting sportivo body parts to fit my corolla ascent . which includes front lip , two side skirts, a spoiler and changing my bumper because there was cracks on it for $1000 . is that a reasonable price or am i getting ripped off :/ helppp anyone
  2. how much is it at the toyota dealer ? i found someone whos selling full bodykit which include front bumper , back bumper and side skirts for 1300$ plus pick up , which is 9 hours drive from melbourne . is that cheap or .. oh and i also have to repaint the bodykit :/
  3. does anyone know where to get sportivo bodykit for my 2002 corolla ascent hatch ? il lookin for front bumper, side skirts , rear bumper and back spoiler
  4. anyone selling sportivo side skirt, front lip etc that would fit my corolla ascent hatch back 2002? add item and price and i will get back to you thanks :)
  5. hi since you are looking for parts. i want ask if any or a specific year of sportivo part would fit into my corolla ascent hatchback 2002? i want to add sportivo side skirt and front lip. what model of sportivo parts would fit ? please help me :) thanks
  6. anyone sell or know where i can get cheap deep dish rims ? i looking to buy to sets. im located in westside in melbourne . cheers :)
  7. hi guys, im really noob with doin things to my car, though i want to change the look of my 2003 corolla ascent to the look of a sportivo and was wondering if the parts on the sportivo fits my car? what year of the sportivo would fit my car ? cheers :)
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    Welcome to the Toyota forums zaw :)