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  1. Hi, Can anyone perhaps help with a picture and exploded view of a Hilux 2008 sideshaft? I think Toyota garage fitted the wheelbearing the wrong way around when they replaced it. Judging by the damage to the tone wheel and axle seal and apparent clumsy workmanship, I think they may have reversed the new bearing so that the oil seal does not run right on the retainer ring. Its difficult to measure distances so I am hoping for an exploded view picture of which way the bearing should be fitted - one side has a "lip" which impacts on position. By the way, can anyone recommend a website without downloading funny software to buy a good workshop manual on-line? Thanks!
  2. Hi, having driven and fixed pretty old cars for many years (many of them Fords) I would take a guess at the mechanism that returns your indicator after turning. Try it in different positions when you turn to see if impacts on the sound. Another guess: some cars used to have a brass ring that has a carbon "brush" rubbing on it that "wirelessly" transfers the electrical circuit of the hooter across to the steering column. This may be producing the sound, or its as simple as some plastics of the column touching the steering shaft. Also a possibility is the steering lock rubbing against the shaft. A strip and clean and lubricate is all that will work. Just be very careful with airbags - follow instructions on how to disable that before you fiddle.....
  3. Hi T_Money, thanks for the reply. No, I don't get the impression that it's the steering pump: You are right, I have the steering turned at the point that I hear it, but I don't think I am at full lockas the road is reasonably wide and I tend to reverse into the left hand lane, not requiring a very sharp turn. Its also almost like a fixed duration every time, not dependant on how fast or long I drive out, turning the wheel. When I saw your post, I jumped into it, started it and turned the steering full lock to both sides, going forward and back about a meter each time, with the car level - I just heer the TSSSSSHHHH sound when I get to full lock, not that servo type sound. That sound is heard when the front wheels goes into the curb, the rear wheels slightly higher up on the tar. If you are familiar with the sound of an outboard motor on a boat being lowered - it almost sounds like that but not as high-pitched. It does not worry me, I am just very curious of what it is.
  4. Sorry, that's a 2008 model (I seem to be stuck in the nineties! )
  5. Hi Hilux owners, I have not owned a Hilux for many years now, so my recent;y acquired 1998 SR5 extra cab have some gadgets that I am unfamiliar with - I think. I have tried to get hold of a workshop manual so that I can read up on it, but have not found one yet. So, I am wondering who can tell me what I hear on it - described as such: When I reverse out of my driveway (a bit of an incline) and turn sharp to the right, I hear a sound briefly that sounds like an electric servo of some sort. It goes whoooooor and then stops, almost like something that winds down briefly then stops, this is the only time I hear it and sounds like a "good noise", not that something is faulty. At 60 000km I don't think something is "broken" and everything works. What is this? Thanks, regards, JD
  6. Hello, I am new to this forum, happy to share or add value if I can! I am a big Toyota fan and always called it the "poor man's Merc" as I love Mercs too. Not that Toyotas are cheap - not at all. I love the good solid reliability and build quality. To top it all, I am crazy about a good old ute, have always owned one or more than one at the same time as I am a DIY type, crazy hobbyist and rebuilt a few cars. I recently bought the Hilux Extra Cab SR5 as per picture. I hope the previous owner is reading this, I would love to acquire the solid lid for the back, tonneau cover, roll bar etc if he still has those or any other things he did not hand over to the Toyota dealer he traded it in at.... I would like to use it without the canopy but still lock stuff down and.... it will look rather "incomplete" without the rollbar...
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    Welcome to the Toyota forums jdv :)