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  1. 'Screech' When Turning

    Same hear the original tyres squeal when they get low.
  2. Aurion Oil Filler Cap Gasket Part number: TO-9043037140 cost $2.75
  3. Just rang Toyota they have the gasket in stock.
  4. You're kidding me, all I want is the rubber insert gasket to oil filler cap, as it leaking a little bit?
  5. Aurion Oil Filler Cap Gasket? Need part number? or do I need to purchase full replacement item?
  6. Can't get a replacement VVTI Oil line?

    Thanks as I now can see it is 1 part and not 2? Cheers Drew
  7. Can't get a replacement VVTI Oil line?

    Does not make sense, as I say there 2 metal oil pipes, can someone else please answer.
  8. Can't get a replacement VVTI Oil line?

    Can anyone point me too in the AURION MANUAL DVD of which heading to look at the breakdown of the actual "Oil Cooler" lines as I look under "Lubrication" and it not there. Or could someone list the part for metal oil cooler replace lines and gasket in number of quantity required, as it is a vague at what to get? As I can see there 2 metal oil cooler lines and there would be 4 gasket or I'm not seeing it wrong? I would appreciate your help thanks, as this way I can order all the parts at once, via Amayama Cheers Andrew
  9. spark plug replacement

    Hi Everyone. Just becauses with buying off Ebay, as there are seller who are selling bodgy spark plugs, especially the Denso FK20HR11. Why because if you can see in the picture you will notice the tip missing under the electrode u end? These are faulty plugs been sold on the black market.
  10. Front pads on Aurion

    Hi Guy' & Girl's please read the different between these 2 front pads, this bulletin news is from Bendix: Comparing DB1474 to DB2243 for Toyota Camry / Aurion V40 I hope everyone is use the correct type?
  15. OK No problem, I'll keep you posted in a few weeks time.