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  1. Thanks for replies. I'll do oil change this weekend then. which brand of oil is good? last owner used valvoline. Don't remmebr the excet type now. I think they all very similar. My mechanic for last car used to use penrite. from what I understand, full synthetic is the way to go.
  2. Car is at 146k. 150K is for timing belt replacement so I thought I'd just change oil and filter now and save some money. One mechanic quoted around $700 for major service.
  3. Hi I bought car in feb this year and the seller had serviced it in jan. He always serviced the car himself. He told me to do the same. I have never changed engine oil but I'm willing to learn. Car has done 10K since purchase and I think it is the time to change oil. In manual it says that 5w30 is preferred. Is it easy to change the oil. what tool and other stuff I need to do the job? Which oil filter is good? Also, how to discard the old oil? Thanks
  4. I have done 142K now. While getiing my other car serviced I casually asked mechanic in Belconnen about what would be the cost to do 150K service of camry ? He said it is 4.5hrs job and probably cost around $700.
  5. Yeah I was also surprised. Last night I checked brake light and it seems 21w filament is working.
  6. I'll compare the output around 8-9pm. It will be easy to see the difference in the dark
  7. yeah the bulb is dual filament bulb and car is pre face lift. It has separate bulb for tail light. I couldn't find single filament bulb at autobarn, supercheapauto, autopro, repco and 4 servos in Canberra, so purchased dual filament.
  8. I purchased these http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/online-store/products/SCA-Automotive-Globe-Stop-Tail-12V-21-5W-2-Pack.aspx?pid=120228#Cross They are working fine but I am not sure which one lights up when I press brake, 21w or 5w ? how much is the difference bteween visible light output?
  9. Hi Today morning right brake light didn't worked. What kind of bulb it needs and is it easy to change? Thanks EDIT: found
  10. Hi I recently purchased Camry 2004 V6 Sportivo . It has done 136000kms. I came to know that it will need timing belt replacement around 150k. I am under the impresion that there are other parts also which should be replaced along with timing belt. Which other parts needed to be replced and usually how much it cost to do all above? Thanks
  11. Thanks everyone. I had N16 2002 ST-Plus Manual. Camry feels bigger and tougher. It also feels like it is better planted on road. cabin noise is very similar. Only thing I miss at the monent is mp3 stereo with usb and aux input. It has factory stereo which doesn't play mp3. Is it easy to install another stereo? I have one from the pulsar. Thanks
  12. Yeah, I m talking about V6 2004 Camry and under the oil filler cap. So no need to worry then. Thanks
  13. Hi While inspecting V6 Camry for my purchase I noticed that there is soem kind of black deposit when I open the top engine oil cover. It was in all cars I inspected. Is that normal? I had 2002 N16 pulsar before and when ever I opened the cap it was clean . Because I saw same stuff on all cars I thought may be it is normal in this case. I don't know much about car. I have some basic knowledge only.
  14. Hi I purchased Toyota Camry Sportivo 2004 I had Nissan Pulsar before. Now I will be regular on this forum.

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