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  1. Cheers, I bought the thing from my cousin as a first car almost a year ago on this day. They're a good car to start with, and great on fuel. I've done a few things to it, but nothing major. - stereo upgrade - type s 6x9's on the parcel shelf, and 4" + splits up the front ( the alpine type s' go very hard, even without an amp! ) - Painted exhaust heat cover - Painted rocker cover - Debadged - painted engine hooks I bought rims off a friend a while ago, but this car is pretty high, and i didn't want to waste money lowering it. And the lads at the few mechanics i've all gone too quote me around 1k to do the clutch change, so if ANYONE could link me to a tutourial, would be bloody great! :D I only bought the car for a grand, and i'd love to keep it ALIVE and pass it down through the family! I'll get some pictures up after i clean it tomorow.
  2. Hi everyone, Henry here. I'm an 18 year old from Australia, and i currently own a 1993 holden apollo (pretty much holden body on a camry) and I have a few questions that I would like for you people to try and answer! the CV joints are also knocking pretty hard. My clutch is slipping and it's really embarassing when i get overtaken by trucks going up hills. 1. For some reason, my clutch doesn't slip as much when my A/C is on. why is this happening? 2. I got qouted over $1000 to get the clutch fixed at a mechanic, so i was considering doing it myself.. or maybe an engine swap. Does anyone know o any good ones that will pop right in? it's currently got a 5sfe motor in it?
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums henryj39 :)