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  1. Check the stickied thread on part numbers and you'll find all you need.
  2. Just putting it out there, have you checked the belt tensioner pulley ?
  3. I also drove mine out of the dealer 10 years ago. Mine's been quite reliable with only a servo motor for the climate control/heater box going, and a passenger side drive shaft bearing which is a wear and tear item. Not replacing it anytime soon, but wouldn't mind waiting for a gt86 second edition.
  4. I had year old sagged whiteline control springs that look like I was on kings super low height. Not pleasant as side skirts scrape the kerb, front lip gets damaged on road dips. Couldn't get down or up steep driveways without scraping the underside of the car - at one time I was stuck on steep carpark ramps as car was like a play ground see-saw. Car did look good though at the time, just not practical.
  5. Thanks David. Can I ask which clutch you run with this flywheel ? Reason being is that I have an exedy hd clutch for a sportivo in my garage and need to know if it'll work with the xtreme flywheel.
  6. Hi, I'm looking at getting a light weight flywheel and the xtreme chromoly one looks very similar to the monkeywrenchracing one. Does anyone have the proper part number for this flywheel ? I checked the manufacturers online catalog, and I think there might be some confusion when looking under corolla as the same part no is used for both zze122 and zze123 whereas for the celica it's a different model number. Sent an email to the manufacturer and was told that the celica one wouldn't fit because they didn't know if it would mate with an exedy hd clutch. Appreciate your help.
  7. I'm currently using a drift pod, but have a 3a on the shelf as backup. I tried an ITG panel filter with the stock air box but didn't like priming the filter with all that sticky liquid stuff. Also didn't notice any difference in terms of performance compared to a stock panel filter.
  8. 5w40 for me. Loving penrite hpr5 full syn atm.
  9. My mechanic told me that the rollas waterpump tend to seep a little coolant and that its the norm. He said to me theres no need for me to replace it just yet. I am on 85k klms atm.
  10. I run stock piping into a remus muffler. Slightly louder with a deeper note than the stock muffler, but definitely no drone. Freeway drives @ 110 km/h are fine for both driver and passengers.
  11. I've been using drift performance pod filter from Autobarn.
  12. As said before, never ever sell those roh casino's and never park too close to the kerb. I was after a set back in '92 and couldn't find them then. Nice ae82 twin cams are so rare these days... I wish I kept mine.
  13. Some light weight 16 inch rims with good hi performance tyres will also help you accelerate faster when the lights go green.
  14. There's a screw under the throttle body that lets you adjust idle speed. Your tuner may have bumped it up to prevent the idle hunting rather than tune it out.
  15. A long shot, but have you checked to see if your cai pipe is rubbing against chassis when the engine moves