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  1. I finally installed my HID fog lights, which took 10 mins to put in! Thanks to the special kit which just plugs in and twists in place! The kit i used: Result and difference between stock and HID:
  2. I've replaced the parkers with amber led too here is the results:
  3. Another pic showing the Led Plate lights, I am in the process of replacing my fog lights with 6000k Hid kit this weekend, I'll post pics of the process :)
  4. This is the final result, i managed to fit it in with the help of my mate, just kept twisting and turning till it fitted.
  5. WOW!!! AWESOME CHOICE!! let me know how u go, as i have been thinking to do the same to my cam for a long time now. Your camry is looking heaps good now!! good job!!
  6. Thanks, I just bought it. you're a legened!!
  7. I think it was BC, its a grand for all four. Same here i replaced all led but missed the sun visors haha. I am looking at replacing the led parker lights from white to amber to get the BMW lights look, i am doing it this evening, Ill post pics when iam done. A question, where did you get your spoiler from?
  8. Guess What Camry Monogamist?! I am getting lowered on coilovers ill post pics and results as soon as it happens.
  9. Luckily mine came with JBL's, I gota admit they sound awesome!!! I just noticed tho one speaker was missing from the back in the boot. Is with every one? the right one i think :/
  10. And btw glad to have a twin in Victoria :D
  11. Hey Camry Monogamist, WOW!!! what a finish!!! I havent been on the forum for a very long time!! Gota admit a very nice look, I am copying your black spoiler Idea ;) and rear bumper.
  12. Hey Guys, HID's gave me and Fivese7en an awful time changing!! Especially trying to get the bulbs into the stock bulb adapter. Where as for the number plate lights, you'd have to take off the boot lining clips off to replace them with leds.
  13. Upgrading my lights this arvo, HID's for headlights, Phillips h11 5000k for fog lights, yellow/amber parkers, white led number plate lights and revers lights. Will be posting photos of installation and final results.
  14. Hey guys, I am in the process of replacing my stock original orangish boring licence plate light bulbs with led white ones...but guess what!!?? As usual!! It's not that simple!! I am limited by a small hole full of chrome...I have to use a screw driver wrapped with tape as instructed by the manual, however it's not simple at all. Been trying now for 20mins and no luck, the fear of scratching the chrome bits and breaking the cover is highly intense!! Thinking of calling it off!!
  15. Yea same here, to be honest I didn't notice till after I bought my Camry, you'd think it does!

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