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  1. hey guys, if anyone checks this in the next little while that would be sweet. i cant make it for the greenacre meet either right now as work ran overtime but i definitely want to meet up in the city after the Hooters dinner. could someone please get in contact with me to let me know where you are all headed. cheers, sam my number is 0424 432 006
  2. YESSS I dont live far away so ill see you all at Greenacre at the beginning at 4pm. Keeeeeeeeen as Dont worry about me for dinner (im heading to my missus' house) but ill meet up again with ya all in the city afterwards, Cant wait guys!
  3. I find those headlights soooo good and front bumper without badge etc looks awesome too
  4. so you would recommend going to a toyota instead of private? in this case ill give chatswood a try, thank heaps!
  5. Hi TOC! Does anyone in the Sydney area know of a good place for servicing. I am up for a minor service but the car will need a thorough check over as i have done about 13 000 kms since last service (oops!). I drive a 2006 Corolla Ascent. Thanks.
  6. I'll definitely buy a sticker (or two) from you on the day and possibly a shirt too.
  7. wont make this one but keep in mind its double demerits until sunday
  8. ive got black trims on my silver rola. mine come off, yours should too, just follow the steps at the beginning of this thread. I just took the badges on the back off, looks much better now and only took 15 mins - definitely recommend it!!
  9. when suits? we could do it weekend after next or the weekend after that?
  10. krola8


    Ive got a mostly stock 2006 Corolla Ascent but have been doing some touches to make it run / look and sound a bit smoother. **I will continue to update this album as I go. Enjoy
  11. That's the old Roadwarriors cafe isn't it? I'm always keen for more stuff north of Sydney, but it is a bit remote for most people and gets a lot of traffic from bikers yep, thats the one, there are some real sweet rides that go there from time to time. its definitely an option for us if we wanted to take a proper drive one day. im keen for more stuff north of syd too but totally understandable that west(ish) is preferable for most.
  12. Its a bit of a trek but im keen to check out the old road cafe in mount white sometime if anyones keen?