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  1. SOOOOO you're telling me... that I HAVE to just deal with looking at the stains the previous owner left on my levin's seats just cos of these bloody side airbags? pretty damn unfair I wanted to put some throw over seat covers on mine :(
  2. how did you do the black in your headlights? is there a DIY anywhere?
  3. Finally got the right globes to set up a white centre cluster. Very happy with the results
  4. were those fog light films precut?
  5. Looks cool man, welcome to the club. The JDM tail lights certainly look alot better.
  6. how large are they? when i get the $$ im looking at new rims for my '06 ;) I'm pretty sure sportivo stockies are the same size as our standard rims 16"
  7. What does the K&N filter do differently to the standard one?? There are some pretty cool gear knobs floating around ebay, i would have a look there. and theres also the toyota TRD ones. K&N filters have better airflow to the engine increasing SOME power and better fuel consumption compared to the crappy thick cheap air filters you get from Supercheap. Plus they have lifetime warranty and you never have to change air filters again. I just bought one from ebay for 75 bucks coming from VIC in a few days. If you went somewhere local like Repco or something they'd charge you double that!
  8. its been a long time since anyones posted on any thread by the looks of it -___-
  9. Cheers man but I won't be doing the rims for quite some time at the moment
  10. Ok I've been searching for ages throughout this forum and all I can find is stuff from years ago and no proper answer. All I wanna know is what the best LED globes are to use when changing my centre dash lights so they are maxiumum brightness. I only see different answers that arent solid and basically saying they still arent bright enough. DOES ANYONE know the right ones to use and please show me a pic of yours too to prove it. I'm going nuts trying to figure this out. I want to know the answer from an Ascent - Levin owner not a Sportivo version as they are different! Please halp someone :(
  11. Can I get a proper answer on what the best globes are to use for maxiumum brightness please?
  12. These things dont even last too long anyway. My old one eventually started to come off after a few months use but I sold the car before I even got to change it. Theyre pretty good just for covering up bumper scuffs but I wouldn't expect long usage out of them unfortunately.
  13. there should be ones cut to size for your model car aswell so dont forget to search for your vehicles cut
  14. hey mate just type in EZ-Lip on ebay they come from the US and cost about 30-40 bucks and take about 2-3 weeks to get delivered, i had one on my old Liberty and did a good job just make sure you stick it on really firm!

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