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  1. mikec

    Blacken the Leather

    Hi Has anyone successfully touched up their black leather before? Looks as if the previous owner spilt something on it or the sun has maybe started to fade it but I suspect spillage since it's whitish and only on the passenger side. It has always been visible in bright sunlight but slowly getting more noticeable so now I'm looking to treat it. Problem with the Kluger leather is it seems to be sealed because there is no indication that moisture from a cloth seeps in so neither will the dye really (other cars I had you could see the leather treatments darken the leather when absorbed and then lighten up again over night). The salesman did a solid job the first time on delivery to me. Thanks
  2. Hi Panel beaters have damaged these with cleaning and before I let them loose on replacing them, does anyone know if it's a high risk job? Ie, will they have to disturb a lot of surrounding parts to remove the panels? If so, I have my doubts wiring and tightly fitting panels will be the same when they're done and maybe I should live with the superficial damage. Thanks Mike
  3. This is not a “bad” rust like on a seam or around hinges for example. This looks like stone damage not attended to. One of those “chip fixer” guys could get down to the metal and repair quite successfully, IMO. Strange that the owner allowed this to persist yet you say he looked after the rest of the car enough to make it a worthwhile deal.
  4. mikec

    Dash noise

    No, but check the plastic panel next to the handbrake pedal against the driveshaft. Mine rattled until i stuffed some packing between it and the body. Maybe your sound is being deferred.
  5. mikec

    trip computer

    I often drive to "20km left" and an orange light is then on. It does not come on at 40km. Filling up is then about 62L worth if this helps you.
  6. Strange. Sci-Fleet Albion in Brisbane. Your dealer should have done what they call a "DPR" - Dealer Product Report which adds you to the "list" for replacement based on "first-in-first-replaced" type of approach. No mass recall is planned from what I've been told. Only those members reported on the list will be called in order.
  7. Good news on Steering Shaft. Mine was finally replaced for free 2 weeks ago with the latest version of the part which is supposed to be fixed properly. Steering is 100% now. This was the only issue with an otherwise perfect vehicle. Toyota held true on the "we'll have a fix in 6 months" which is great.
  8. Good news on Steering Shaft. Mine was replaced for free 2 weeks ago with the latest version of the part which is supposed to be fixed properly. Steering is 100% now. This was the only issue with an otherwise perfect vehicle. Toyota held true on the "we'll have a fix in 6 months" which is great.
  9. For anyone reading this, it "went away" for some reason months ago so all good with the Kluger...even the steering shaft.
  10. Having reported my Steering Intermediate Shaft Knocking Noise in Jan 2013, I was told no fix in sight. July 2013 service last month I asked on progress and was told Toyota had started to roll out a fix and I would be contacted when my turn came up if I was on the DPR (Dealer Product Report). I said that should be fine as they had told me they had listed me with Toyota. I contacted Toyota about the list and they say I must contact my Dealer… So apparently the fix is now being rolled out but I’m on an imaginary list in a communication circle. The fun continues.
  11. So Sci-Fleet Toyota (Albion) have responded to my request to replace the "intermediate steering shaft" from this morning by telling me that they can't even if they wanted to - Toyota won't supply the part any longer until a 100%, long term fix is found. Apparently, I should expect a resolution in about 6 months from them. Until then I guess.
  12. Final nailed the sequence of events that turn my Sync off last night. If I turn it on, changing from P to R or R to D will turn it off. Service Dept could not find anything wrong with the "computer" on last service but at least I can repeat the problem now. Anyone else had this and had luck fixing it so I can "assist" the service dept fix it? Thanks Mike
  13. Hi Recently took Kluger in for 40,000km service and mentioned this "click" on turning. Happens most noticeably at low speed when steering turned and accelerating forward or reversing out of driveway, turning opposite direction and moving forward. Feels a lot like a Steering link or Wheel link that is worn but not likely at 40,000km (3 years) I was told by the Service Dept that "Toyota Australia" had instructed all outlets to stop "trying to fix it" because they were being unsuccessful and Toyota was looking into it. Has anyone else had this? Had it successfully fixed? Thanks Mike