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  1. Hi everyone. I have owned my 1991 celica ST for 2 years and planned to sell it soon. Yesterday, the power steering failed. Turning the wheel caused a grating noise and soon enough the car had no power steering. No ps fluid in it's tank so I refilled it to max. After 15 minutes driving to work, fluid level was zero. Obviously it's a major leak. After doing some reading online, it looks like it will cost over $400 to replace the power steering pump. I'm not keen to spend that kind of money and am hoping to find a way to continue to drive the car with no power steering (for about a month until I can afford a new car). I will likely end up taking it to a wreckers due to 800$ in other costs to get RWC. It's in perfect cosmetic condition w recent black paint and only 140,000 ks. Real shame. Anyway what I need to know is, should I remove the power steering pump if I'm to continue driving the car? I don't want to cause damage to the ps rack or any other mechanical issues. I only intend to drive the car <3 km distances to work & for groceries. Anybody with mechanical know-how able to give advice? Thanks