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  1. On a seperate side note and I know this will probably dissapoint John but I have in fact said goodbye to the Rukus as of a week ago, its been a good run but ultimately I wanted something quicker and faster.
  2. Hi Mate Great looking :) may I ask who you chose for the coilovers?
  3. How could u John, we trusted you :P Well maybe next meet we should do a cruise seeing as it's going to be the last meet of the year? Anyone up for a cruise or have any suggestions of places they'd like to go. We've done the following previously (to my knowledge): 1) Hunter Valley 2) Kangaroo Valley 3) National Park > Stanwell Tops > Kiama Blowhole > Roberstons Pie Shop
  4. Liking the gold/bronze wheels on white, just needs to be lowered so it's not on stilts :P any plans to lower it?
  5. Hi Mate Try hitting up http://www.jeffmillsautoservice.com.au/our-location.html
  6. Hi All Last Saturday of the month is the 27th, unfortunately I'll be busy that night and the following long weekend but given it's toyotafest on the 5th of October might be worthwhile for you guys to head out there? Alternatively you guys can organise a regular meet up on Saturday the 27th at 7:30pm :)
  7. Nice drive fellas :) was a good weekend all around
  8. It's alright mate there's always our usual monthly meets :)
  9. LOL Cam I'm still cleaning up the mess from the last time I went for a ride in your Mark II, scared the bejesus outta me. Does anyone have locations in terms of stopping lunch etc? just want to throw up a route map to make it easy for everyone. Also if anyone has CV radios or walkies please bring along makes it a lot easier to co-ordinate :P If anyone is going to be late just text or call me on 0411983777
  10. Not fussed about dates :) 1. Juvenile - Sun 2. rentaspace 3.Crypt 4. 5.
  11. Hi there Welcome to the forums :) Congrats on the purchase of rukus sure you'll love it Question 1) From the dealership I only ever received 2 smart keys not physical keys as such, but if you havent worked it out yet the portion of the smart key that you can attach to your key chain actually comes out :) if you're looking at the toyota badge on your smart key on the right hand side there is a rubber portion with what looks like a key on it, if you push down on that while pulling out the rubber portion on the bottom of the smart key a physical one will come out :) Question 2) My car is also a 2
  12. Nice Caldina :) Just a quick question, did you go through an imported or did you do it by yourself? also roughly how long did it take?
  13. If you want to do this you coud like mentioned above tap into the parker lights but I'm assuming you'd want to tap into something in the dash rather than the engine bay, try and locate an online wiring diagram as it might save you from using a volmeter

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