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  1. Block out if required ! I fitted an 18R to a 1958 Willys Jeep; huge improvement' It went up hills better than my 18R powered Commuter. A fair bit of fabrication was required. If you could replace the 12R with an 18R, it would be very good.
  2. Is the air-cleaner in behind the sliding door step ? I have a feeling that my 2nd. generation had that. My 2013 Commuter has the air-cleaner mounted, under the front, by the steering box.
  3. We had this problem with our 2002 AERAS; fitted a Camry motor,(Straight swap), no further problems. It seems to be a common problem.
  4. I am also wondering about part interchangeability. Wanting replace Estime front struts; are they the same as Tarago?? Any information, re this issue, would be MUCH appreciated.
  5. I have a Mitsu Magna wheel in mine. Slightly smaller but, far better than a space saver. I cut mine in half and use the halves to hold the garden hoses.
  6. My 2002 Estima has ski bars bolted to the tracks. Was done when I bought it. If you get round ski bars, they will be very noisy as you drive. Winding some 'pull-start' cord around the tube,(one turn every60 mm ), the noise disappears.
  7. Have had my 2002 Estima for a long time and I love it as much as I did, at first !
  8. My previous comment was not related to Hiace but, 4WD models.
  9. I intend to do this with my 2013 Commuter bus. As I will not be re-installing the seats, I don't anticipate any problems.
  10. Driving lights installed on front ski bar , wired,(with isolating switch), into high beam circuit; fantastic ! Window antennae work very well. Just( yesterday) acquired a 2013 Petrol Commuter bus, future half-assed camper and double bass transporter. A nice bit of kit.

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