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  1. looking to install a GPS tracker in a camry which GPS has remote engine kill. Has anyone installed one with remote kill and what did you tap into to kill the engine on both battery/petrol? I have one method working via the ecu fuse but this triggers a check hybrid message which i need to clear with my scanner each time.. car still starts with error but looking for another option to kill it. thanks.
  2. does anyone know what the part number is for the ocv housing gasket? better yet, any mechanics in SE Melbourne that know how to do this job correct and clean it? I already have the filters.
  3. Guys can you confirm for me which battery the below remote key takes.. this will save me some time to replace it for someone.. If i know which size battery it is i can turn up with the battery and replace on the spot than drive around after looking for a replacement. Thanks!! Is it a cr1616 ??