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  1. A call out to all TRD Aurion owners !! I need to get my TRD serviced and would love to hear everyone's thoughts on who's a great mechanic - Independent or Toyota Dealer anywhere in Melbourne. I live in the western suburbs so the closer the better but I would travel a reasonable distance to know my TRD is being serviced by the right mechanic and not an apprentice overseen by a qualified mech at a dealership. I'm closest to Werribee Toyota. The head mech there, Paul, definitely knows his stuff but I dont think he's spinning the spanners. If I dont hear of a good option, I will probably take it there as I want to keep the log book looking good as possible. I need to get it serviced and fix a relatively fast oil leak - car has only done 58,000km and has been well cared for so IM VERY SURPRISED :(. It seems to be coming from the RHS of the motor. Ive seen some stuff on the forums about oil leak problems that Toyota want to keep hush hush and I am wondering if this is one in the same. The heads are clean as a whistle so its coming from somewhere below, where I cant see. Its currently leaving a decent puddle after 8 hours of sitting stationary so Ive gotta get it fixed pronto. Cheers Deza