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  1. Hi Kevin, no water in the boot area in my case. Just inside the tail lights, visible from the outside. Have you tried to inspect the boot area from the inside while someone pours water over the back of the car?
  2. This is how I change the engine oil + filter: - To allow the old oil to drain faster, warm up the engine first. - Using a hydraulic jack place the car on safety stands - Undo the oil filler cap on the engine and/or lift the dipstick (allows air to get in when oil drains) - if necessary, remove engine under cover - With an oil pan in place undo the sump plug (careful oil is hot!) - Let oil drain for a couple of minutes, then put sump plug back (if necessary replace washer) and tighten to 45Nm - Move oil pan underneath the filter and undo the oil filter - Clean the oil filter installation surface - Apply clean engine oil to gasket of new filter, screw new filter into place and tighten hand-tight - Lower the car of the safety stands and add new engine oil (4.7 liters for the 1MZ-FE w filter change). Install oil filler cap and put dipstick back. I usually pour 4 liters first and then start the engine. The oil pressure light might stay on for a couple of seconds until oil pressure has build up - if it stays on for more then lets say 5 seconds turn the engine off and check! - While the engine is running check for leaks underneath. Turn it off, wait 5 minutes and check oil level with dipstick and add until level is at max. I use Ryco filters too, you can find the right filter on their website. Best way to go about the old oil is to call your local council and ask where to get rid of it. Good luck!
  3. hey all, in an earlier post I asked about an issue with the speedometer and the cruise control of my 2002 Camry 2.4 auto. Now that we have owned the car a bit longer, we have noticed a couple of things. Will try to describe it properly, sorry for the long post! The car seems to have issues with the following electrical components: - Alarm (factory fitted, not aftermarket): The alarm will randomly go off for no reason. When it does that, there is no alarm code being displayed afterwards in the trip computer display when turning the ignition to ACC. Usually the alarm works fine, it goes off when you open a door from the inside after locking the car - and it will then display the correct code in the display once the ignition is turned on. Whats weird is that it has never given a false alarm at home our at work. It does it however at random places like the shopping center car park our when going out for dinner! - Radio (aftermarket Pioneer) The radio will reset randomly. This happens roughly once a month, either over night or sometimes even when driving and listening to it. It will shut down and come back on with all stations and settings reset, just like the power has been cut for a second. - Speedometer Sometimes the speedometer needle appears to be twitching up and down once in a while even though the car is driving at a constant speed. It twitches up or down for about 1-2mm and jumps back 2-3 seconds later. If this happens while using cruise control, the cruise control will react to this and slightly accelerate or release throttle (depending on wether the needle twitched up or down from the current speed). On a few occasions while waiting at a traffic light with the engine idle, the speedo will suddenly jump to 240 (or what ever the maximum is) and stay there twitching for a few seconds. When this happens the overspeed warning beeps constantly. The engine itself is not affected at all and revs nicely at idle. The speedo will go back to zero after a couple of seconds as if nothing happend. After reprogramming the radio several times and cleaning raw eggs and nasty notes of it after the alarm upset the neighbourhood of our favorite restaurant I had a look at the wiring diagrams. I am not an expert when it comes to these diagrams but I did notice the radio, the instrument cluster and the alarm system are grounded to the same bar inside the dash. I looked at the ground points but they appear fine (tight and clean). I also disconnected the alarm horn permanently and when leaving the car somewhere we just unplug the main horn to prevent further egging... Besides the aftermarket stereo the car is completely stock. I disconnected the battery during two weeks while being on a holiday, after that the car appeared to be fine for 2 weeks...then it all started again. Has annyone experienced any issues like this with their Camry?
  4. Today I replaced the rocker cover gasket. There was a tiny bit of oil leaking towards the back, just wanted to get to it before it got worse. Car is a 2002 model and has done 155000km. I'm sure the gasket was still the original one. The job was pretty straight forward and took me about one hour. I can only recommend to do this sooner than later because these gaskets get very brittle and hard to remove. All you need is a 10mm socket and a torque wrench (11Nm for the rocker cover bolts/nuts and 9Nm for the ignition coil bolts). The gasket I got from Toyota for $33 - Repco charges $79 for a Payen brand gasket.
  5. no worries. We had a fair bit of rain the last couple of days and so far this seems to have fixed the issue.
  6. hi there, my mate's 2008 ZRE152 Levin ZR had water in both tail lights. I took a few photos during the process of removing, cleaning and resealing the light units. To remove the lights open both service covers inside the boot. Disconnect the wiring. Each tail light unit is held in place by two 10mm nuts and two blue plastic clips. Undo both nuts, then squeeze both clips and pull the light assembly out to the back. You will notice there is a third clip to the side of the car. The light unit will just slide off this one, no need to undo it. Once the units were removed it was obvious where the water leaked through. The top bit of the seal wasn't in touch with the cars body tight enough and allowed for water to leak through (yellow line in pics). After cleaning: Remove and wash the seal. Then remove the wiring harness with the bulbs ( ) from the unit and give the housing a good rinse. Put in sun to dry. I used a hair dryer to speed up the process. After the bulbs and the seal are back in place apply a bead of silicone where the seal touches the cars body. Then refit them back on the car. I left the service covers off for a couple of days to allow remaining moisture to evaporate. Hope this finally fixes the problem. Lets wait and see...
  7. yes, it does and it does it on a level road too. But it gets more noticable on an incline as the engine needs to work harder to accelerate the car. The speed doesn't change dramatically, only about 3 km/h maybe (just enough to compensate the sudden "jumps" of the speedo). Meaning from the perspective of the cruise control this response makes sense. Thats why I am wondering if the speed sensor could be faulty?
  8. That's normal, when going uphill/downhill the engine has to increase/decrease speed due to more work/less work done. I know what you mean but what our car does is more than just that. I just took the car for a drive to take a closer look at what it actually does and now i'm very sure both issues are related. Driving at a constant speed of lets say 60 km/h and looking at the speedo, the needle occasionally jumps to 58 and after 1-2 seconds jumps back to 60. This "jump" is not normal. When I release the accelerator at 60 a tiny bit and the car acually does slow down a bit, the needle moves smoothly (normal). Also the engine speed remains the exactly same when the speedo does these jumps. When this happens with cruise control being active the car will instantly accelerate when the needle dropped. This is odd since the car didn't actually slow down. Now the needle jumps back to the actual speed of now just above 60 (since the cruise control accelerated) and the cruise control releases the throttle to slow down to 60 again...and so on.
  9. I noticed a couple of times now that the speedo in our 2002 Camry 2.4 auto doesn't always move smoothly while accelerating or slowing down. It kinda gets stuck along the way for a split second and then jumps to the current speed. Also sometimes, when driving slightly uphill on cruise control the car doesn't hold the set speed. It accelerates just above the set speed, then drops just below only to accelerate again. Very annoying. It seems to me that these two conditions could be related. Maybe a faulty speed sensor? What makes it difficult is that both are sporadic issues. I've driven up the same roads on cruise with the car being just fine. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas how to diagnose this?
  10. finally got around to installing the brackets to cover the gaps on both sides of the head unit. Was a bit of a pain since there are no real mounting points. Ended up strapping them in place with cable ties. Here's a photo: Not perfect but much better than before!
  11. hey Micheal, I guess the headunits you found on ebay will fit the dash without leaving any gaps. If you install a standard double DIN headunit (like I did in my Camry), you might need those brackets to fill the gaps. See here: http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/37370-2003-camry-altise-aftermarket-head-unit-install/#entry520726 Not sure though this is the same in your Corolla.
  12. I know this thread is old, but I'm having the same problem. Just installed a new Pioneer double DIN headunit in the 2002 Camry and there is a big gap on both sides of it. I ordered a dash install kit on ebay from the US only to discover that the aussie camry has a different size stereo and that kit is completely useless. Now I found these and ordered a pair hoping they will solve this problem: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOYOTA-CAR-STEREO-DOUBLE-DIN-SIDE-TRIM-BRACKETS-FACIA-/180962568860?_trksid=p5197.m1992&_trkparms=aid%3D111000%26algo%3DREC.CURRENT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D14%26meid%3D7114111097786237114%26pid%3D100015%26prg%3D1006%26rk%3D1%26sd%3D180962568860%26 Will post another pic once installed...
  13. hey guys, we bought a 2002 Camry last week and since I do a lot of work on our cars myself, a forum like this one is always very helpful. This is my first Toyota but I'll try to help others with their questions/problems as well. The car we bought is an Ateva 2.4 auto with 148.000kms. One owner, white and with good service history. I've added reverse sensors and a new Pioneer stereo so far. I'll attach a few pics. Cheers Alex

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