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  1. Price is probably average and they likely priced to cover shipping cost. That is about it - stock rims are generally not a hot item. When you changing wheels, you changing tires to compensate. While your wheel gets bigger, tire profile gets smaller. Eg, 15" wheel takes tire with profile of 65, 16" will take one with profile 60. So overall diameter remains the same and you don't have speedo issues. Profile is height of tire sidewall.
  2. average fuel consumption 2010 camry

    Hello, For a comparison my 2007 Camry which should be identical enginewise averages 10-11/100km in city/suburban driving so same conditions as you. I use 91ULP only. Car was averaging 13.5L/100km when i first got it. If this is high milage car, see if spark plugs been swapped recently, should be 90,000 service - this will also effect milage. Recommended tyre pressure for camry on the manufacturers placard is just way too low so could be a factor - ofcourse there is your driving style, correct tyre pressure, fuel used and how many people/items you carry to keep in mind.
  3. Reversing camera or sensors

    From personal experience with sensors. Pros: Less distracting. You are able to look around while listening. Using your natural multitasking ability. Easier and (maybe) cheaper to install. Cons: Bushes/shrubs don't play well with sensors. Few strands of tall grass with make it go off. Can be headache if not installed correctly, will pick up kerbs/road surface. Color matching to bumper Destroyed in most rear ends. Cameras downsides: will be pain with tiny screen, distraction from looking at said screen, sunlight/weather visibility. Its nice to see behind but cannot honestly say one standout thing that my eyes can't do better.
  4. Service pricing

    Cost of my 90000km, parts only, replacing following myself: Cabin filter $17 (2 min) Spark Plugs (4) $15 ea (15 min) Intake filter $17 (10 min) Oil Filter $17 (oil change shouldn't take longer then 1 hour) Oil $38 $150 for parts, excusing 25 point inspection list of crap, which is likely not checked by most mechanics, I'd say you looking at $300+ with labor thrown in. Hope this helps
  5. Where can change new wood pad in the cargo boot?

    Wreckers. It is actually more convenient taking it out in pieces than whole. You may not snap your new one but on first visit to tyre shop of some kind will cause it to happen.
  6. Coolant level/top up

    Thank you for input. Definately will aim to raise level as a precaution. Having researched further on the coolant, Nulon appears to comply with toyota specs so should be just a straight top up.
  7. Coolant level/top up

    Reviewing owners manual for 06 ACV40R it states that coolant level should be checked when cold and should be between F and L marking on the bottle. Inspecting coolant in this setup the coolant level is below L mark, atleast a couple of inches. However when engine is at normal operating temperature, coolant is at exact middle between marking. I have not experienced any cooling/heat issues with the car however wondering if coolant should be topped up. Coolant still appears pink/red so not noticeable rust presence. The service schedule does not mention any coolant replacement until 150,000/10 years so I am certain it has never been changed. There is no leaks of any kind. Question is - should I top up coolant at this stage or just wait out the service time? My guess I will be mixing original Toyota coolant with aftermarket of same type. Is there any adverse effects in this case as obviously mixing chemicals never good idea. Top up will likely be with an aftermarket coolant of same type (super long life of red color) - http://www.autobarn.com.au/nulon-red-top-up-long-life-coolant-rlltu1
  8. Hello all, Recently noticed this metallic 'ding' sound when sitting down or getting out of the car coming from back of the car. Also when slamming boot shut. A little bounce of the back of the car also produces it however sound not same all the time. Seams most loudest is when car been left for a while. Eg, park and go home return an hour later and sit down or bounce back makes most loudest on first instance after its harder to reproduce. Sound also present when bouncing car sideways a little. Sound like a little ding sound between small metal parts (pipes?). Closest I can describe is tapping a thick glass cup with fingernail. There has not been any traumas to the car like kerb hitting etc and the only work done recently in the back was replacement of 1 of the back tyres. Tyre is same specs as other 3. I can only hear this sound when its quieter surrounding like getting out of the car in parking. Nothing can be heard inside car while driving normally, over bumps or speed humps ever. Any ideas what could be the cause here. Try to get some ideas before going on discovery tour with mechanic. Thanks
  9. Range - Distant To Empty

    I am no fuel expert so take this with grain of salt but pumps are as so for Coles: Unleaded - May contain up to 10% ethanol. E10 - Contains 10% ethanol. Woolworth: Unleaded Contains up to 5% ethanol.
  10. Range - Distant To Empty

    90% of fuel ups are Coles/Shell Unleaded which is honest pretty much same as E10. I personally prefer Woolworths/Caltex true unleaded which IS available next to me. Unfortunate due to abundance of free Coles vouchers I never get to fill it up.
  11. Range - Distant To Empty

    The "don't let fuel go too low" sounds like load of bull. Keeping tank half/full all the time will actually increase your consumption due to weight. I drive 2007 model, CITY only with 2 occupants always. I started tracking my fuel ups for a while using FUELLY so you can check my stats in the link: http://www.fuelly.com/driver/distress/camry That should give you a comparison to pure HIGHWAY and HALF/HALF. The fuel light is actually random. For best reading stop on even flat road that way it will give you correct reading. My street parking is on a slope so mine always comes on with too many KM still to go.
  12. ACV40 Rear cup holder help?

    Pay a visit to some $2 shops, Japanese branded ones probably better. You will find either something that attaches to the front seats head rest (hangs behind front seat) or something that can be slotted into the back climate control vents (if available).
  13. 07 Camry Melting Dash

    I don't think you going to get far with this as cars are out of manufacturers warranty. I got a 2007 Camry and while my dash is experiencing same thing, however not to extend that I can actually put my finger through it. Having researched on the net it comes out that issue is likely with plastic molding at factory where it was made. Essentially its not effected by sun or where car is stored and simply purely luck based. Some cases are worse then others. Maybe worth while checking out wreckers for replacement with less effect.