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  1. Item: TRD supercharged Aurion 2007. Selling as is without roadworthy. Location: Narre Warren South, Victoria Item Condition: Used Vechicle Reason for Selling: Need a people mover. Any additional information: Has 230,000km. Serviced and maintained. Factory moonroof and navigation. Any more info needed on the car, can contact me through email. Contact Details: woz246@gmail.com
  2. They vary in size. From 3in near the flex pipe, to 2in at mufflers.
  3. U can run USB and Ipod. I was running the USB and the AUX cable. Was working fine. Just cant run 3. I didnt have an ipod, so i used USB. I stopped using the USB because it didnt display the songs that were playing, just track number on screen. I wanted to see the songs that were playing. So USB isnt a problem. I also didnt need to disconnect between devices, Just select either device (USB, AUX), and it would play from where it left off. Yeah all that plastic needs to come off, But that's easier than the air vent. u dont need tools to remove it. Shift gear into Neutral, (can unscrew gear knob if u want) lift up centre consol box lid pull up plastic trim from the Box end, 2 clips on either side of centre consol, neat sat/nat end. disconnect 3 wiring connectors and its out. Air vent: lift up with plastic/screwdriver slightly then pull out towards you. all held in with just clips disconnect 2 wiring connectors 2 10mm bolts at top (air vent end) 2 10mm bolts at bottom (consol trim end) Can be a little tricky, try not to drop the bolts from bottom end. sat/nav unit will pull out. dont need to remove fully Just pull out enough to see the plugs on back. (if u take off gear knob, put a rag on top, as the sat/nav unit might get scratched when u pull off) Find the right plug at the back of unit. (only fits in 1) will prob have to disconnect a dark grey plug out first. fit the y wiring harness (TOY) to dark grey plug, and other end into unit. then plug your GROM box in. connect your cables (usb, ipod, aux) and away u go Good Luck with it all
  4. Yeah i am happy with it now. When i first got it wasn't because i was using the usb, the ipod and the aux port all at once. was overloading and would stop working and only radio would work till car was turned off and on. once i did some more reading, and asked the seller about it, found out i could only use 2 ports, so i use the ipod and aux cable. had no issues since. The cable i got was the TOY cable is the smaller one and suits my 2007. i also got the ipod cable (ISIPD), and the aux cable (C-35 USB). I have a sat/nav unit. it is a little bit of work to pull unit out, but not too hard. really just need to remove the centre consol, the air vent and then unbolt unit and it will come out. can talk u through it if u like. once the center consol is exposed there is a lot of room. i cable tied the GROM box on top of the air tube for the rear vent. the TOY cable is long enough to do that. depending on where u want the ipod to be, might have to drill a hole for the cable in the consol. Hope this helps.
  5. can you please recommend me the place you had it installed and how much it cost you? Thanks. I got it off eBay. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GROM-Toyota-Scion-Lexus-USB-Bluetooth-Android-iPod-Car-Adapter/360573952682?_trksid=p5197.m1992&_trkparms=aid%3D111000%26algo%3DREC.CURRENT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D14%26meid%3D8448426687423161544%26pid%3D100015%26prg%3D1006%26rk%3D1%26sd%3D360573952682%26 I fit it myself. Not very hard to do. The only tools u need is something to pop out the centre air vent. Something plastic so u dont scratch the dash, or just b careful with a flathead screwdriver. And a 10mm driver. On YouTube there are videos of how to remove, also on the GROM website there are videos on how to install. Just have to look up camry. GROM site installation isn't quite right, as it is camry. But if u look up aurion on YouTube, will show u how to get it off. Just plugs into the back of your head unit. Really straight forward. Hope it helps. I found performancemp3 on eBay the cheapest, and the most helpful. Recommend using them.
  6. I have the GROM usb2 in my car. Had 3 options, usb, aux, and iPod. U can only use 2 inputs as it loads up the system too much. Not a bad idea if u only want iPod connectivity.