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  1. Good read ... So what's the difference between a $230 unit and a $580 unit? Nothing it seems...well done of paying less than half of what they're asking now haha...
  2. Thanks Defyant. Something like this i'd rather see in the flesh or read good reviews on before committing $$$. If it seems like cheap plastic i'm not getting it. Most of the units i've seen on youtube look like laggy trash tbh. You wouldn't happen to know of any units around that price range that you'd see as an upgrade over the one i'm looking at? Installation i'm not worried about.
  3. Thanks for the reply MrMeToo. Yeah, i've had a look at similar prices units (and some cheaper ones) and they all seem very similar to each other in terms of features. I want something that doesn't feel cheap though, has to be durable and the touchscreen has to be fluent and not laggy. I also want a reverse camera. The one i'm looking at comes with a free reverse camera whitch is a drawcard. Won't be watching much TV in the car so probably wont fork the extra $$$ for a tuner. Motorformula's workshop is only 15 minutes drive from my house so i might have a look.. Just want to see if other users
  4. Hi guys. I'm after any reviews you might have for this headunit: http://www.motorformula.com.au/car-dvd-player-gps-stereo-head-unit/toyota-plug-and-play-perfection/toyota-camry-aurion-camera Interested in getting it fitted to my Aurion. Want to get some opinions first. Thanks, Michael
  5. Hi guys. Sold my Falcon and picked up an 06 Aurion AT-X today. Loving it so far. I've just got a question regarding the dash display. I've flicked through the user manual and it states that i need to press a 'display' button on the steering wheel to see the fuel consumption per 100km reading on the dash. Now i don't have this button on the steering wheel. Is there a way of seeing the reading or am i out of luck? Thanks, Michael.

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